Candidate Interviews

Candidate Interviews

I am starting something new on the blog. I will be conducting Q+A’s with candidates for office this year and posting the responses here. I welcome all candidates from all parties to leave a comment here regarding setting up such an interview via email and I will be in touch shortly.

2012 Interviews

Q+A with Matthew Woodmancy, Democrat for Illinois’ 18th Congressional District

Q+A with Richard Grabowski, Republican for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District

Q+A with Jim Hickey, Democrat for Illinois’ 11th Congressional District

2010 Interviews

Q+A with Robin Kelly, Democrat for Illinois State Treasurer

Q+A with Robert Burns, Green for Illinois’ 4th Congressional District

Q+A with Teri Davis Newman, Republican for Illinois’ 12th Congressional District

Q+A with Ed Rutledge, Libertarian for Illinois Lieutenant Governor

Q+A with Julie Fox, Libertarian for Illinois State Comptroller

Q+A with Cecil Ince, Libertarian for Texas State House District 105



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  2. I’m looking forward to the interview. Thank you for the opportunity to share my answers and views through your questions.

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