It is too hard to vote in the United States of America. For years, I have heard problems with absentee voting, finding out information about local candidates and complicated referendums and ballot questions.

This blog will attempt to change all of this – and will become a one-stop shop for finding the information you need to vote.

This non-partisan blog is dedicated to disseminating as much electoral know-how as possible, from methods to voting absentee to information about candidates and their stances on various issues. It is not important who you vote for, but it is important that you have the tools and the information to make up your own mind and participate in our democracy.

As the blog grows – I hope it can be a place where people can exchange information, offer thoughtful opinions and ask questions. It can only help to spread election information – the more people are informed, the more representative elections will become.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to hearing what you have to say about the many races profiled on this website.



  1. I googled for any info/news on the special election for assembly in NY – and your post was THE ONLY one that had comprehensive info about all 4 open seat races. Excellent job — I’m doing a piece on the open election — and what it portends for November 2010 in NY — and would like to HT your site — it’s very cool.

    David Singer

    • Hey, thanks for the hat tip – and for checking out the site. Hopefully you’ll come back to share some thoughts on the elections in NY – both these special elections and then later when the 2010 races in NY become more concrete.

      Though it looks like Cuomo is going to make me wait until March before the races really begin to solidify.

  2. Hi, I just started to try to track local races in addition to state stuff and found your site. For Feb 2 I found the GA race here, thanks!

    Here’s some others that might be listed here already. Sorry for any repeats.

    Special MO House races
    D57, D27, D62

    New Hampshire
    D2 (Coos Co)

    Party Caucuses

    US Rep D19
    Municipal, Naples Collier Co

    School Tax issue, Russell Co

    • Thanks for all the tips – there are a couple on there that I haven’t covered yet, I appreciate all your help!

      For future reference, you can always check the Upcoming Special elections tab here to see which races have been covered – and I hope you will keep on coming back with more suggestions.


  3. This just in. Not really but I just found it.
    Rhode Island Cumberland Town Council District 1
    on February 2.

  4. Local tab does not a response box so…
    April 20 Florida Bay County elections

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