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Q+A with Richard Grabowski, Republican for Congress in Illinois’ 3rd District

Q+A with Richard Grabowski, Republican for Congress in Illinois’ 3rd District

Our second Q+A in the great state of Illinois is with a candidate running in the Southland of the Chicago metropolitan area. A political newcomer, Richard Grabowski works as a materials supervisor for a local company.

To visit his website, click here

The new District 3 contains Chicago’s Midway airport in the north and angles diagonally downwards to contain Burbank, Orland Park, Lockport and Romeoville. To view the map, click here

The current incumbent for this seat is Democrat Dan Lipinski, the scion of Bill Lipinski who held the seat for 22 years before passing it on to his son. Running in the Democratic primary is Farah Baqai, a police officer. Also running in the Republican primary are Jim Falvey and Art Jones.

Now onto the Q+A with Richard Grabowski:

1)      Why do you want to be the representative for the 3rd district of Illinois?

I’m an ordinary citizen who cares deeply about the uncertain economic and social path that Democrats running our state and federal government have chosen to lead us down.  I’m stepping up to the plate – for our state, our southland communities and our 3rd congressional district, at a time when we are in dire need of good, uncorrupted leadership here at home in Illinois, and in Washington DC.

I have not held a political office, an appointed position, or a pensioned government job.  I’m not from the ‘politically connected’ class.  I’m from the real world working class.  I’m a Materials Supervisor at a manufacturing company in the near western suburbs, a real private sector business, adding to the economy, creating mutually beneficial jobs for people to work, when the economy is doing well.  An ordinary person best represents the interests of ordinary people, and I’m one of US

2)      You are a materials supervisor for a company in the district and are therefore intimately involved in the running of a business. How would you change federal laws regarding businesses such as the one you work for?

Loosen the EPA’s stranglehold on manufacturing growth, reduce regulations on private sector businesses, Illinois needs to lower it’s business tax rates.  Make Illinois a business friendly state again by strengthening and solidifying the CONDITIONS for economic growth, bringing real businesses and real jobs back to Illinois for good.

3)      You attended Moraine Valley Community College. What changes should be made to the community college system in this country?

MVCC is a good and growing community college in the Illinois state community college system.  It services the southwest suburban communities.  Most everyone knows someone who has attended MVCC.  But, removing the political aspects of teaching and job political sponsorship for so many who have been employed through connections would help to make their employment system fairer for everyone.

4)      You are the father of four sons. What lessons do you hope to instill in them by working in Congress?

Honesty, integrity, a hard work ethic, be willing to make tough choices necessary to maintain your freedoms, your traditional American way of life, protect your freedoms and rights from being stomped on, what national sovereignty and state’s rights mean.

5)      If you could recommend that all voters in your district read one book before they make their choices this November, what would you recommend? Why?

Liberty & Tyranny – – by Mark Levin.  It’s a great book.  He has new one out now, Ameritopia.  Hope to check it out soon!

6)      The Southland region that comprises much of the 3rd district was once a hub for steel mills and industry. What needs to be done in this country to grow its manufacturing sector again?

Reduce regulations on private sector businesses, Illinois needs to lower it’s business tax rates, Governor Pat Quinn needs to have less emphasis on unionization and more inclusion of the rest of the 90%, the  non-union workforces that make up so much of our manufacturing and transportation sector.  Make Illinois a business friendly state again by strengthening and solidifying the CONDITIONS for economic growth, bringing real businesses and real jobs back to Illinois for good.

7)      The area also used to be a hub for railroads crossing the country. What do you feel is the role of rail, for both freight and public transportation, in this current economy?

Extremely important.  Metra service is important for many commuters in the southwest suburbs.  Two lines run through the district.  Rail yards dot the map across the south and southwest suburbs.  Many truckloads are placed on intermodal rail to save costs, equipment wear and tear, travel time.  The southwest suburbs are a crossroads for many intersecting expressways, effectively moving freight and people across the country quickly.

8)      The district encompasses Chicago Midway Airport. When visitors to the district land there, name three places in the district that they should absolutely visit.

US Cellular Field – the Chicago White Sox!

Route 66

Cog Hill, or any of the other fine golf courses in the southwest suburbs.

9)      A new immigrant detention center has been proposed in Crete, south of the 3rd district, and has sparked a great deal of debate. What are your thoughts on the current immigration system?

It’s time to start enforcing and toughening our existing immigration laws currently on the books.  Forget the detention center, spending more money on illegal immigrants should not be an option.  Deportation is the rule of law, not 3 square meals a day and a cot.  Amnesty shouldn’t be an option either.  What does that do for legal citizens who immigrated here THE RIGHT WAY?  LEGALLY?  It tells them that our laws don’t matter then. 

10)  It is hard not to ask a Chicago-area candidate – White Sox or Cubs? And, without a local team in the hunt, who were  you rooting for in the Super Bowl – the Patriots or the Giants?

It’s a south-side thing, sorry Cub fans, I’m a White Sox fan! 

With the Bears being out of the picture, I’m not really following football much this season.  If I had to choose, it’d probably have to be the Patriots.


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