Posted by: jamesvw | January 14, 2012

February 7 – Georgia House Districts 60 and 107

February 7 – Georgia House Districts 60 and 107

Currently, Republicans hold a large majority in the State House of Georgia, 112-65 with 1 independent and two vacancies. Each party has had a member leave the chamber recently.

In House District 60, Democrat Gloria Tinubu resigned from her Atlanta area seat to – get this – run for Congress in South Carolina!  Democrats do not have to worry about losing this seat however as no other party filed candidates for the seat. Running to replace the moving representative are Theresa Middlebrooks, Latrenka Riley, and Keisha Waites, a frequent candidate making her 9th run for office.

In House District 107, Republican Len Walker resigned to become Chaplain at the Big Canoe Chapel. This northern district, based around Loganville and comprised of Gwinnett and Walton counties is a strongly Republican district and so here too the party does not have much to worry about in holding the seat. 4 candidates have filed to run, 3 Republicans – Mark Banks, a former Walton County School board member, Tom Kirby, a human resource safety manager making his third run for office and Paul Smith, a minister involved in the parochial school movement and one unaffiliated candidate, Michael Lynch, an Army reserve combat medic.


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