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Election Digest 2012 – January 3 – Iowa Caucus and Georgia Runoff District 68


Romney   30,015 (24.6%) (w)

Santorum 30,007 (24.5%)

Paul         26,219 (21.4%)

Gingrich   16,251 (13.3%)

Perry       12,604 (10.3%)

Bachmann  6,073 ( 5.0%)

John Huntsman 745 (0.6%)

Buddy Roemer 31 (>.01%)

No preference  135 (0.1%)

Iowa and the big 8!

Only 8 votes after 100% of the Republican Caucuses have been counted made difference.

Romney is focussed on Obama and a win. Santorum is feeling the momentum.  Paul is hopeful but did not get the big win his highly touted organization was said to be able to deliever. Gingrich was mad and ready ot bolt to South Carolina via New Hampshire.  Perry has annoucned he is going back to Texas to figure out what’s next for him. Bachmann is looking to get to South Carolina, quickly.  Huntman was not in Iowa to campaign.  Roemer noted that he did not do so well. No comments were made for No preference.  appoximately 123,000 of the 650,000 Repubilcans in Iowa came out for the caucuses.

Obama won the Democratic Caucuses.  Results when available will be posted!


News sources are noting how the race is tightening which is very common as an election comes near. People who are not politicophiles start paying attention, another group starts deciding who they want (though about 17% will make a decision between 48 hours and the time they walk into their voting place), some will actually start talking about who they want, etc. In other words, no big whoop.

One analysis of the 48 hours before this caucus is Nate Silver’s take on things here.

This is a classic marathon not a sprint. I don’t just say that to include a cliché. In this case it is literal that the caucus held on January 3 will only be a start in a larger process. The precinct (you could say neighborhood) level delegates picked on Jan 3 will get together in around six or so weeks and select county delegates. The county delegates will get together about four weeks later and choose district delegates. In turn the district delegates get together about four or so weeks after that and pick the state delegates who will attend the Republican National Convention.
Looking back, in 2008 Huckabee took Iowa decisively.
Of the 99 counties, Romney took 24, and Paul took 1. All the rest went to Huck. A little bit surprising, considering the much touted Paul machine, is that although he was among the three to win a least one county he was not the third choice in many of the other counties and came in fifth overall. A solid number of Iowa counties had Thompson a top three finisher (11 seconds and 49 thirds)

2008 county results of Republican Caucus (i.e. Huckabee was 1st place in 74 counties, 2nd place in 24 counties, and 3rd place in 1 county)

74 24 1 24 53 20 1 4 12 0 11 49 0 7 17
huckabee romney paul thompson mccain

2008 results
Candidate Vote %
Mike Huckabee  40,841  (34.4%)
Mitt Romney       29,949 (25.2%)
Fred Thompson  15,904 (13.4%)
John McCain       15,559 (13.1%)
Ron Paul               11,817 (10.0%)
Rudolph Giuliani 4,097  (3.5%)
Duncan Hunter       524  (0.4%)
Tom Tancredo              5 (0.0%)




GA State Representative, District 68

99% of precincts reporting; 2,272 ballots cast

Hightower (R)  1,259 (55.4%)

Martinez (R)  1,013 (44.6%)

Georgia House District 68 – runoff

Dustin “Dusty” Hightower

Alan Martinez

The two Republicans are in a runoff as no one had greater than 50% in the December 6 polling.

The following precincts will be open on Election Day 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM:

Bethany, Bonner, Center Point, Clem, EMC, Fairfield, Hulett, Oak Grove, Sandhill, Temple City, Temple County, Villa Rica City, Villa Rica North, Villa Rica South, W. Carrollton, Whitesburg

Split precincts voters should refer to their precinct card or go to determine if they are eligible to vote in House 68.



  1. Don’t forget, Reagan lost Iowa in 1980, but still won the nomination during the closed primaries.

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