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Election Digest 2011 – December 13, 2011 – Massachusetts, Texas, Oregon, South Carolina, New York (Missouri)


Hays County – City of San Marcos

Council member, Place Three Runoff

ELECTION RESULTS – registered voters 29,198; ballots cast 1,885; turnout 6.46%

Nichols 851 (45.14%)

Thomaides 1,029 (54.59%)(w)

Terry Nichols, has served the city as a public servant for a number of years.  He is running to continue his public service.

John Thomaides, came to this runoff with the higher percent in the primary with 44% in the four person race.  He is a small businessman who wants to bring that experience to the Council.

Tarrant County, City of Keller

City Council Place 5 Runoff

ELECTION RESULTS – registered voters 26,151; ballots cast 875; turnout 3.35%

Black 359 (41.03%)

Hoffman 516 (58.97%) (w)

Jackie Black, a Realtor who has recently been on the Planning and Zoning commission has gained support of the fire fighters.  Though one fire fighter complained of the two candidates who wanted their endorsement one would not accept their full support.

John Hoffman, pubic relations is his history.   Though he has more experience on the Planning and Zoning commission.

City of Allan, vote at the old library – Allen Municipal Courts Facility, 301 Century Parkway, 7am to 7pm

Council Place 6 – registered voters 46,800; ballots cast 1,586; turnout 3.39%

McNutt                264 (16.65%)

Alexander            137 ( 8.64%)

Hollingsworth  443 (27.93%)

Baril                   214 (13.49%)

Brooks              528 (33.29%) (w)

Barbara McNutt, is a business owner who knows delvelopers.  She has civic experience and want to target economic development and retain businesses.

Ron Alexander, has some political and civic background.  Would like to replace old infrastructure before it is necessary and bring small businesses to downtown.

Luke Hollingsworth, some civic background and would like to support small business, the environment, and development.

Tommy Baril, has federal level experience and enjoys the boy scouts.  Want to maintain several policies and be pro-active with the citizenry.

Baine Brooks, has more of a business bacakground.


Second Suffolk and Middlesex Senate District, polls open 7am to 8pm

registered voters 31,794;  ballots cast 333;  turnout 10.48%

Brownsberger 370 (11.45%)

Hecht                118 (5.60%)

McCarthy        602 (18.63%)

Schofield      2.061 (63.71%) (w)

write in               17 (0.53%)

Senator Steven Tolman resigned and the move it on.

William Brownsberger of Belmont, Has the papers endrosements, has a list of his legislative acheivements and if the election were based on facebook membership to page would double up on his closest opponent.

Jonathan Hecht of Watertown, Former Watertown Council member, current State Representative, and hopes to be the future Senator.  He has endorsements from a number of other current elected officials.

Robert McCarthy of Watertown, came out of retirement to run.  He says that Elizabeth Warren inspired him.

Timothy Schofield of Boston, states that cuts don’t get the job done and he would, in part, work on increasing infrastructure.

The former two are both current Representatives and the later two are veterans.

Boxford, MA

two ballot questions, Spofford Pond School, 31 Spofford Road, Polls open 7am to 8pm

Q1 – 560 votes, 1 blank vote

Yes 396 (w) 

no 161

Q2 – 560 votes, 1 blank vote

Yes 409 (w)

no 150


City of Rainer

The season of recalls continues! This time it is Clatskaine, OR’s turn.  Two City Councilors have been recalled.  After the filing the two then turned around and filed  a complaint with the Secretary of State against the person who just filed the recall petitions.  The Secretary of State found insuffient evidence against the person filing the recall.

“Moon is accused of “running off” a former city administrator, costing the city money, taking action on his own without authorization from the city council and acting unprofessionally and in a degrading manner to other council members, community members and the mayor.”

Langford is accused of being “rude in public meetings; for example, calling people ignorant, telling them to ‘shut up,’ accusing city employees of misconduct, thereby opening up the city, as well as himself, to liability issues. He does not follow policies and procedures and makes back-door agreements with various agencies without council support.””

Drop sites for the election will be as follows:



ELECTIONS DEPT. ELECTION DAY – DEC 13 – 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM 230 Strand St. St. Helens, OR 97051


City of Rainier registered voters 1,000; ballots cast 492; turnout 49.2%!!!


Yes 351 (74.68%)  (w)- goodbye Moon

no 119 (24.32%)


Yes 355 (72.6%) (w)

no 134 (27.4%)


City of West Columbia, City Council District 3, polls open from 7am to 7pm

Jack Harmon passed away bring about this election.

Casey Jordan Hallman     53 (36.55%) (w)

George M. Crowe               40 (27.58%)

Bert Hammond                  28 (19.31%)

Morris Phillips                   24 (16.55%)

Precinct                                 Location                                                               Address

Hook’s Store                 BC Grammar School No. 1                     114 Hook Avenue                        West Columbia, SC

Leaphart Road              Pineview Baptist Church                         3010 Leaphart Road                   West Columbia, SC

Saluda River                 Our Savior Lutheran Church                   1500 Sunset Boulevard               West Columbia, SC

West Columbia # 2     Turner  Memorial AME Church                 1122 Monticello Street                 West Columbia, SC

barrier free poll             Suite 105   Lex. Co. Auxiliary Bldg.          605 W. Main Street                      Lexington, SC

absentee ballots           Suite 105   Lex. Co. Auxiliary Bldg.          605 W. Main Street                      Lexington, SC

fail-safe                         Suite 105   Lex. Co. Auxiliary Bldg.          605 W. Main Street                      Lexington, SC


It looks to me like almost everywhere in New York is having Fire District elections.  In the past when I have tried to get results the election boards tell me that the fire districts run there own elections.  When I call the fire districts they always have an answering machine, rarely ever reply, and almost never give the numbers behind a result.  So… If you are a New Yorker and can get a result out of them please let me know and I will update this section with a tip of the hat to you.

Fire districts in Fishers Island, Grand Gorge, Elmwood Fire District (Guilderland, New Scotland, Bethlehem), Huntington, Southold, Branchport-Keuka Fire District (Jerusalem and Pulteney), East Qougue Fire District, Saint James Fire District, Greenfield Fire District, Rotterdam-Princetown Fire District.

Hickstown Water District



City of Rolla, on December 13, starts filing for the municipal elections in 2012.  So, if you know someone there get them to run for office.


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