Posted by: mattvote | November 21, 2011

Election 2011 – November 22, 2011 Charleston SC and Marion County OR

Charleston SC is have a run off for the City Council’s District 11 seat (James Island and St Andrews precincts).

PRECINCTS COUNTED (OF 21)  21  100.00% –  REGISTERED VOTERS  9,868 – BALLOTS CAST  1,674  –  TURNOUT   16.96%

Laura Beck 492 (39.74%)

Bill Moody 746 (60.26%) (W)

Folly Beach City Council

Sandy Hickman  213 (49.65%)

Dale Stuckey       216 (50.35%) (W) [Do you think that Dale believes that every vote counts? – MN]


Isle of Palm Town Council At Large

Anne Bauer

Michael Loftus


Marion County OR is next in the ever growing line of recalls around the country.  This time it is Councilor Deanna Foster. Citizens of Detroit, OR say she is unreliable and can not be reached on budget issues.   Her reply states in part that say can not make financial decisions be herself on the council and that she has brought in $52,000 for the city.  She says that Jeanette Hartwell is to blame for the recall and is doing it as a vendetta.


Pct. 925
Yes 42
No 33
Overvote 0
Undervote 0
Total 75

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