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Election 2011 Results

Election 2011 Results

Welcome to our results page. Though it won’t be a completely live blog, stay tuned for results for elections throughout the country!

Winners so far:

Democrats – Governor of Kentucky Steve Bashear, Secretary of State of Kentucky Alison Grimes, Attorney General of Kentucky Jack Conway, Auditor of Kentucky Adam Edelen, Treasurer of Kentucly Todd Hollenbach, Attorney General of Mississippi Jim Hood

Republicans – Agriculture Commissioner of Kentucky James Comer, Governor of Mississippi Phil Bryant


7:15 – In Islip, Long Island, New York – Republicans have retaken the Town Council thanks to victories by John Cochrane and Anthony Senft. The Town Supervisor position remains too close to call as Republican Tom Croci leads incumbent Phil Nolan by 417 votes – with 1,700 absentee ballots left to be counted.

11:56 – Election results in Houston – Mayor Anise Parker has been reelected, narrowly avoiding a runoff. District 1 incumbent Brenda Stardig will face Helena Brown in a runoff on December 10.

11:49 – In Michigan, another lawmaker, Republican State Rep. Paul Scott has been narrowly recalled.

11:47 – In Arizona, author of the anti-immigrant bill SB 1070 Russell Pearce has been recalled and defeated by fellow Republican (though more moderate) Jerry Lewis.

11:47 – Liz Mathis has won the special election in Iowa SD-18 for Democrats, ensuring that the State Senate continues to be led by that party.

11:45 – Democrats appear to have held onto the Virginia State Senate by the slimmest of margins, losing SD-20 but hanging onto a a one seat lead in the chamber. There is one race that is too close to call however.

11:41 – Democrats picked up two important County Executive seats in New York – winning in Erie County was Mark C. Poloncarz and in Suffolk County on Long Island, Steve Bellone.

11:03 – The “Personhood Amendment” in Mississippi has failed.

10:25 – Republican Phil Bryant has been elected Governor of Mississippi. Congratulations to him and his staff

10:03 – In other Ohio results, voters have rejected raising the age of judges to 75 and rejected the National Healthcare mandate.

9:51 – Another big result, this time in Maine – where Same Day Voter Registration is reinstated after Yes on 1 wins.

9:31 – Big result in Ohio as No on Issue 2 wins. This will reinstate collective bargaining rights for public employees

7:09 PM – All the polls are closed in Kentucky and with 16% reporting, Democrats lead in all statewide races including a 25% lead in the race for Governor. For up to the minute results, click here.

7:18 – In Indianapolis, Mayor Greg Ballard, the Republican is holding a 52-45 lead with 18% counted.

7:43 – Democratic Governor Steve Bashear of Kentucky has been reelected easily. Congratulations to him and his campaign staff.

7:55 – Democrat Alison Grimes has been elected Secretary of State of Kentucky while Republican James Comer has won the Agricultural Commissioner position. Congratulations to them and their staff.

8:02 – And Democrat Jack Conway has been reelected as Attorney General in Kentucky. Democrats are nearing a complete hold of the statewide offices with the exception of the Ag. Commissioner.

8:11 – With the first votes reporting in Ohio – No On 2 leads 66% to 34% Yes

8:27 – Democrat Michael Coleman has been reelected Mayor of Columbus, Ohio.

8:33 – Mayor Richard Aclombright has been reelected in North Adams, Massachusetts

8:45 – The new mayor of Pittisfield, Massachusetts is Daniel Bianchi, winning by 93 votes over Peter Marchetti.

8:55 – Republicans appear on the verge of taking control of the Virginia State Senate and adding up to half a dozen seats to its lead in the State House of Delegates. Not a good sign for Democrats in the commonwealth.

9:07 – Republican Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard has been reelected. Congratulations to him and his staff.


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