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September 20, October 18 – Massachusetts 3rd Berkshire House District

September 20, October 18 – Massachusetts 3rd Berkshire House District

This race is in the neck of the woods where I grew up (disclosure – I do know most of the people discussed here). The district is in the heart of Pittsfield, the largest city in Berkshire County which is the rural rectangular area that touches the New York border as well as Vermont at its northern edge and Connecticut at its southern.

Incumbent Democrat Christopher Speranzo caused himself a headache in his last election by simultaneously pursuing the Clerk Magistrate position for the Pittsfield District Court. Due to his seeming lack of interest in serving out the term (despite his refusal to discuss the clerk position), the Green Party candidate Mark Miller received 45% of the vote.

Now that the dust has settled and Speranzo clearly had no interest in serving out his term, therefore requiring the special election, Miller is running again, hoping to use his name recognition from the last race to become the first Green in the legislature.

Squaring off in the The winner of the Democratic primary in this generally liberal district was Tricia Farley-Bouvier, a former Pittsfield City Councilor and aide to Mayor James Ruberto.

The Republican candidate, who will appear on the ballot after running a write-in primary campaign is Mark Jester, a local insurance executive.

And, as our commenter Chas pointed out – I left out Pam Malumphy who is mounting an independent campaign. She is a former city councilwoman and is well known for her civic work in Pittsfield. My apologies for the omission.

A postcard of Pittsfield from 1916



  1. Thanks for addressing this important election. You left out another important player, Pam Malumphy, who also is mounting a strong run. Unlike Miller, she has served in Pittsfield city government and also ran against Ruberto for Mayor. This candidate should not be overlooked.

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