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Election 2011 – Houston City Elections

Election 2011 – Houston City Elections

For other 2011 municipal races, click here

Election – November 8, 2011

The City of Houston, circa 1845

First off, I have to give credit to two great blogs on the city of Houston that I recommend to all of you – Boots on the Bayou and Off the Kuff. They will be the best source to follow these races closely and can surely give more in-depth information about the local races.

Now onto the season of elections in the 4th largest city in the United States, which grew 7.5% in the latest census numbers to just south of 2.1 million residents. In the last municipal election in 2009, only 16% of registered voters came out to choose. Those elected will be dealing with a continued budget deficit, though it has been shrunk to around $80 million over the past year.


Incumbent Democrat Annise Parker won acclaim for her victory in 2009, narrowly defeating her challenger and becoming the first openly gay mayor of Houston. Politically moderate – she recently attended a Republican party fundraiser with Mike Huckabee and Senate candidate Dan Patrick – it seems that the former neighborhood activist, city councilwoman and city controller has most of the establishment behind her, already endorsed by her 2009 opponent Gene Locke as well as many other city politicians.

Facing off against her is Deputy Chief of the Houston Fire Department Fernando Herrera. A native of the city, he worked his way through the ranks as a career firefighter and now serves as the Emergency Operations Deputy Chief. Also running is the young former council aide Kevin Simms, local Republican activist and businessman Jack O’Connor, Amanda Ulman of the Socialist Workers Party and anti-gay activist Dave Wilson.

Houston City Council – See the bottom of the post for the new 2011 map

Updates will be made as I learn more about each candidate

Redistricting has occurred in the city and that means there will be a bit of musical chairs as well as some certain new faces on the 14 member council, 9 district based and 5 at-large seats.

District A

Brenda Stardig is seeking her second term. She faces Helena Brown and Bob Schoellkopf.

District B

Incumbent Jarvis Johnson is term-limited. Those who have filed are Katherine Ballard-Blueford Daniels, Bryan Smart and Alvin Byrd, an aide to the outgoing incumbent, Philip Paul Bryant, a talk show host on CW, Jerry Davis, Charles Ingram, James Joseph, and HPD sergeant Kenneth Perkins.

District C

Also open is District C where incumbent Anne Clutterbuck is term limited. Based around Braeswood Place, district filing here has five interested candidates, former State Representative Ellen Cohen, real estate attorney Brian Cweren, Karen Derr, commercial air pilot Josh Verde and securities trader Randy Locke.

District D

Wanda Adams, the incumbent, faces Larry McKinzie, a middle school teacher.

District E

Mike Sullivan is unopposed.

District F

Al Hoang faces non-profit chief Peter Lyn Rene and Nguyen Thai Hoc.

District G

Oliver Pennington faces Clyde Bryan.

District H

Edward Gonzalez faces Patricia Rodriguez.

District I

James Rodriguez is up against Leticia Ablaza.

District J

In one of the two new districts, Criselda Romero, an aide to Councilman Ed Gonzalez, Rodrigo Cañedo and local attorney Mike Laster will appear before voters..

District K

In this new district, voters will choose between Larry Green, CEO of the non-profit HoustonWorks USA, Alex Gonik and Pat Frazier.

At Large District 1

Incumbent Stephen Costello squares off with Scott Boates, Don Cook, and James Partsch-Galvan.

At Large District 2

Undoubtedly the most chaotic out of all the races this year, 9 candidates are filed in this race. This includes local attorney Eric B. Dick, community developer Bolivar Fraga, business consultant Elizabeth C. PerezCity Commissioner of The Building & Standards Commission Jenifer Rene Pool, Andrew Burks, Gordon R. Goss, “Griff” Griffin, Roslyn “Rozzy” Shorter,
architect and president of the Houston Super Neighborhood Alliance David W. Robinson, and former State Representative Kristi Thibaut.

At Large District 3

Incumbent Melissa Noriega will face Christopher Carmona and Brad Batteau.

At Large District 4

Incumbent Clarence Bradford will face real-estate businessman Louie Molnar and Amy Price.

At Large District 5

Incumbent Jolanda Jones is facing a challenge from her 2009 opponent Jack Christie as well as from Laurie Robinson.

The new Houston City Council Map



  1. This article is very informative. I just happen to see yard signs and did know what races were being sought after.

  2. You missed some websites:

    Al Hoang, District F:
    Karen Derr, District C:
    Criselda Romero, District J:

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