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Election Digest – September 13, 2011

Election Digest – September 13, 2011

Alright, lets get a bit of live results blogging here – its been a while: FOR NY-9FOR NV-2Baltimore Mayor

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RESULTS UPDATE – Republicans scored two victories in the congressional races, holding their seat in Nevada’s second district and surprisingly picking up New York’s ninth district. The new members of Congress are Mark Amodei in Nevada and Bob Turner in New York.

In Baltimore, voters picked Stephanie Rawlings-Blake as the Democratic nominee for Mayor, almost assuring her victory in November. Republicans selected Alfred Griffin. One incumbent city councilor lost, District 7’s Belinda Conaway lost to Nick Mosby, and Councilor Warren Branch held onto his seat by just 15 votes.

In New York’s Assembly Races, all 6 were retained by Democrats.

For full results, see the individual races below…

Today, special elections will be held all over New York to fill a congressional seat and 6 assembly seats, all previously held by Democrats. But that’s not all. Baltimore also has its Mayoral and City Council primaries. In the extremely Democratic city, that is tantamount to being elected. Follow down below for these races and more…


Prairie Grove (four ballot questions)

If bonds for one or more purposes are approved, there will be levied within the City a new 0.75% sales and
use tax, the net collections of which remaining after deduction of the administrative charges of the State of
Arkansas and required rebates, shall be used solely to retire the bonds and obligations of the City with
respect thereto.

Street Improvement Bonds
Yes – 79
No – 46

Water System Improvement Bonds
Yes – 82
No – 44

Sewer System Improvement Bonds
Yes – 79
No -46

Drainage System Improvement Bonds
Yes – 77
No -49



Palm Coast

In this city of 75,000 people on the northern Atlantic coast of Florida, voters this year will be choosing a mayor, city council members and voting on a referendum to change the elections in the city from odd-numbered years to even-numbered years. It is primary day on September 13 – where the mayoral election is the only one with more than two candidates and that race will appear with the voting referendum. City council races will be decided in November.


Jon Netts (Inc.) – 54.29%
Charlie Ericksen – 40.89%
Joe Cunnane – 4.82%

Voting Referendum to change to “even-years”

Yes – 86.56%
No – 13.44%


Iowa – For Results, visit this site

Iowa City Community School District

(Select 4)

Jeff Alden
Patti Fields
Phil Hemmingway
Sally Hoelscher
Jeff McGinness
Robert Porter
Marla Swesey
James Tate

Vacant Position (2 year term)

Karla Cook
Julie van Dyke

Clear Creek Amana (Select 2)

Bob Broghammer
Terry Davis
Lisa Jiras

Lone Tree School Board (Select 2)

Shelia Burr (Inc.)
Joel Yedlik (Inc.)
Tim Lorack

Solon School Board (select 2)

Dan Coons
Dean Martin (Inc.)
Jeremiah Sinnwell

Solon District Ballot Issue (50% required):

Summary: To adopt the revenue purpose statement to replace the current Revenue Purpose Statement and authorize the expenditure of revenues from the State of Iowa secure an advanced vision for education fund received by the Solon Community School District.

All Districts of Iowa City School District: Kirkwood Bond (60% required)

Public Measure Q

Shall the Kirkwood Community College (Merged Area X) in the Counties of Benton, Black Hawk, Buchanan, Cedar, Clinton, Delaware, Dubuque, Iowa, Jackson, Jefferson, Johnson, Jones, Keokuk, Linn, Louisa, Poweshiek, Tama and Washington, be authorized to remodel, erect and equip buildings at the main campus and other enrollment locations, acquire a site or sites for use of the Community College, contract indebtedness therefore, and issue its school bonds in an amount not exceeding $46,500,000 for that purpose?

Ames Community School District (Select 4)

Rodney Briggs
Lucas Deardoff
Mary Jurenka (Inc.)
Teresa Simpson
Francis Todey (Inc.)
Dan Woodin (Inc.)

Director at Large (2 year vacant position)

Mike Espeset
John Hascall


Shall the Board of Directors of the Ames Community School District in the County of Story, State of Iowa, be authorized to contract indebtedness and issue General Obligation Bonds in an amount not to exceed $65,000,000 to provide funds to build, furnish, and equip elementary school buildings and improve the sites therefore (including demolition) at the District property on 24th Street, the current Meeker Elementary site, and District property on Miller Avenue; and to reconstruct, repair, improve, remodel, furnish and equip the Mitchell, Roosevelt and Sawyer elementary buildings and sites?

Gilbert Community School District Director at Large (Select 3)

Tanya Austin
Chris Benda (Inc.)
Ed Engle
Arthur Fleener
J Tyler Holck
Kimberly Mosiman

Nevada Community School District Director at Large (Select 3)

Andrew Bell
Marty Chitty (Inc.)
Shea Coogler
Tom Maier
Laura West (Inc.)


Summary: To adopt a revenue purpose statement describing the use of money from the penny sales, services and use tax for schools received by the Roland-Story Community School District.

In the Roland-Story Community School District, the following revenue purpose statement, which specifies the use of the sales, services and use tax funds from the secure an advanced vision for education fund for school infrastructure (penny sales, services and use tax for schools) shall be adopted (for full text, click here)

Roland-Story Community School District Director at Large (Select 3)

Ted Hammes
Chris McIllrath
Michael Retallick
Marcus Soderstrum

Click here for school board races in Linn County



Baltimore City Elections (For our previous post on this race, click here)

Mayor (Democratic Primary)

Frank Conaway – 3%
Joseph Landers 7%
Catherine Pugh – 25%
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (Inc.) – 52%
Otis Rolley -13%
Wilton Wilson – 0%

Mayor (Republican Primary)

Alfred Griffin 51%
Vicki Ann Harding 49%

President of the City Council (Democratic Primary)

Leon Hector Sr.
Tom Kiefaber
Charles Smith
Renold Smith
Bernard “Jack” Young

President of City Council (Republican Primary)

Armand Girard
David Anthony Wiggins

City Council District 1 (Democratic Primary)

James Kahler – 9%
James Kraft (Inc.) – 67%
Helene Luce – 24%

City Council District 2 (Democratic Primary)

Sharita Obiora – 7%
Cynthia Gross – 7%
Emmett Guyton – 17%
Anthony Hamilton – 10%
Brandon Scott – 56%
Jamaal Simpson – 3%

City Council District 3 (Democratic Primary)

Jerome Bivens – 9%
Robert Curran (Inc.) – 66%
George Vanhook – 25%

City Council District 4 (Democratic Primary)

Bill Henry (Inc.) – 61%
Scherod Barnes – 39%

City Council District 5 (Democratic Primary)

Scott Carberry – 6%
Luke Durant Jr. – 6%
Curtis Jones – 17%
Derrick Lennon – 11%
Rochelle Ricki Spector (Inc.) 58%

City Council District 6 (Democratic Primary)

Mark Hughes 22%
Sharon Green Middleton (Inc.) – 63%
Rhonda Wimbish 14%

City Council District 7 (Democratic Primary)

Henry Brim Jr. – 2%
Belinda Conaway (Inc.) – 39%
Allen Hicks – 5%
Timothy Mercer – 2%
Nick Mosby 51%

City Council District 8 (Democratic Primary)

Haki Ammi – 2%
Helen Holton (Inc.) – 52%
Dayvon Love – 8%
David Smallwood – 38%

City Council District 9 (Democratic Primary)

Janet Bailey – 4%
Abigail Breiseth – 14%
John Bullock – 12%
Quianna Cooke – 8%
Derwin Hannah – 1%
Michael E. Johnson – 10%
Waymon LeFall – 2%
Chris Taylor – 13%
William Welch (Inc.) – 35% (W)

City Council District 10 (Democratic Primary)

Bill Marker – 28%
Edward Reisinger (inc.) – 60%
Erica White – 12%

City Council District 12

Devon Brown – 12%
Jason Curtis – 8%
Ertha Harris – 1%
Jermaine Jones – 3%
Odette Ramos – 23%
Frank Richardson- 3%
Carl Stokes (Inc.) – 49%

City Council District 13 (Democratic Primary)

Kimberly Armstrong 7%
Warren Branch (Inc.) 39%
Antonio Glover 15%
Gamaliel Harris 2%
Shannon Sneed – 38%




Alderman, Ward 7 – Mr. Trane and Ms Ballantyne will advance to the ballot in November

Robert Trane (Inc.) 538
Joan Whitney Puglia – 187
Kat Jana Ballantyne – 531



Results –

(R) Mark Amodei – 74,976 – 58% (W)

(D) Kate Marshall – 46,669 – 36%

2nd Congressional District (for more on this race, see our earlier post here)

The incumbent Republican was elevated to a vacated Senate seat and so Republicans will be seeking to keep this seat in the special election. They chose Mark Amodei, a former party chair. Kate Marshall is the Democratic choice and the current State Treasurer.


New York


Bob Turner (R) – 32,465 – 54% (W)

David Weprin (D) – 27,688 – 46%

9th Congressional District (Queens)

Democrats will seek to hang on to this seat as polls show it closer than expected. Assemblyman David Weprin is the standard bearer for the party. Republicans have again selected Bob Turner who lost in 2010. Also gaining some traction in the polls is Socialist Worker Party candidate Christopher Hoeppner.

6 Assembly Districts (for more info, see our more detailed post here)

District 23 (Far Rockaway, Queens)

Philip Goldfeder (D) – 55%
Jane Deacy (R) – 45%

District 27 (Flushing, Queens)

Michael Simanowitz (D) – 76%
Marco DeSena (R) – 24%

District 54 (Bushwick, Brooklyn)

Rafael Espinal (D) – 44%
Jesus Gonzalez (Working Families) – 32%
Deidra Towns (Community First) – 23%

District 73 (Upper East Side, Manhattan)

Dan Quart (D) – 66%
Paul Niehaus (R) – 34%

District 116 (Utica and Rome)

Anthony Brindisi (D) – 57%
Greg Johnson (R) – 43%

District 144 (Buffalo)

Sean Ryan (D) – 71%
Sean Kipp (R)  -21%


Ohio (all of the races below are non-partisan)

City of Broadview Heights


Sam Alai
Rachel Manias
Tish O’Dell
Joe Price

City Council Ward 2

Al Demling
Kevin Krcmar
Roy Stewart

City of Fairview Park

City Council Ward 1

Ed Gorbett
Brian McDonough
Nathan Studney

City Council Ward 3

Matthew Hout
Dan Jones
Paul Wojnar

City of Garfield Heights

City Council Ward 3

Estelle Hofer
Michael Nenadovich
Gregory Svilhilk

City of Middleburg Heights

President of City Council

Alan Budney
Dean Conforte
Charlie Valentine


City of DeBary

City Council Seat 4

Leon Cerankowski

Dawn Fitzpatrick

Lita Handy-Peters

Bob Waldorf

Orange City


Jeff H. Allebech

Tom Laputka

Harley Strickland

City Council District 3 voters Get your vote on.

Tom Abraham

Paul Rasch

Town of Ponce Inlet

City Council Seat 3

Mary E. Hoss

Joe Villanella



Senate District 46 is holding a primary today. The October 18 election is needed to fill this seat due to the death of Senator Linda Scheid.

Richard Taylor Republican

Chris Eaton DFL – (W- DFL Nomination)

Timothy A. Davis Sr. DFL

Ryan Sibinski Republican

Cory Jensen Republican – (W-Republican nomination)

Independence Party has only one candidate and will not need a primary.

Senate District 61 is having a primary today for the special election on Oct 18th to fill this seat due to the resignation of Senator Linda Berglin

Jeff Hayden DFL – (W –  DFL nomination)

Sadik Warfa DFL

Kristian Heuer DFL

Elsa Batica DFL

Paulette Will DFL

Kyle Wilson DFL

Republicans, Independents and Greens have one candidate each for this seat and do not need a primary.


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