Posted by: jamesvw | September 10, 2011

Election 2011 – Ohio Senate Bill 5 Veto Referendum

Election 2011 – Ohio Senate Bill 5 Veto Referendum

As protests swept through Wisconsin while the Republican legislature and administration removed collective bargaining rights for public employees such as police officers and teachers, Ohio somewhat more quietly did the same. Yet there, opponents of the actions of the Republican governor John Kasich, have filed a referendum to overturn the restrictions of collective bargaining.

The Ohio Collective Bargaining Limit Repeal (to repeal SB 5). However to be clear, unlike other veto referendums, it is an actual vote on the law. Therefore (and this is important)

A Yes Vote keeps the SB 5 law in place. Voting yes means that the collective bargaining limits stay in place

A No Vote overturns SB 5 and returns collective bargaining rights to how they stood previously

Opponents of SB 5, including unions of firefighters, teachers and others in solidarity with the cause, have started We Are Ohio

Backers of the bill, including the governor and much of the Republican legislature have started Building a Better Ohio


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