Posted by: jamesvw | September 10, 2011

Election 2011 – Maine Same Day Voter Registration

Election 2011 – Maine Same Day Voter Registration

On election day, November 8, Maine voters will get the chance to veto the legislature’s overturning of same-day registration. Long a standing practice in the state where voters could register to vote on the same day that they voted, the new Republican legislature and governor quickly passed a bill ending this practice – which they say cuts down on fraud, but which opponents say make it harder to vote and leads to lower turnout.

The law that this ballot question would overturn also bans absentee voting two days prior to the election, making it harder to vote last minute if conflicts come up with showing up at the polls on election day.

Just in case it is confusing –

A Yes Vote overturns the law and allows for same day voter registration.

A No Vote leaves the current law as is and bans same day voter registration

Leading the fight for this “People’s Veto” as it is called in Maine is Engage Maine. Their website can be found here


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