Posted by: jamesvw | August 30, 2011

September 13 – New York 9th Congressional District

September 13 – New York’s 9th Congressional District

Unless you’ve been living under a really large rock for the past few months, you have heard about Anthony Weiner’s fall from grace. The Democratic congressman, expected to be one of the frontrunners in next year’s New York City mayoral election, resigned after it became known that he sent lewd photographs of himself to various women on the internet. He resigned and so on the same day that 6 assembly special elections will be held, his successor will be elected in this mostly Queens based district.

Generally a Democratic seat, Republicans hope that the scandal and the slow economy will lead them to a seat-pickup here. They have returned to the man who came surprisingly close to beating the incumbent in 2010, Bob Turner. A former TV executive in the Pearson media conglomerate, he is a native of Woodhaven and has semi-retired, now partnering in a hotel venture in Orlando, Florida.

Democrats have lined up in favor of David Weprin, a State Assemblyman and former City Councilor. From a famous New York political family (his father was once Assembly speaker and his brother is currently on the City Council), he served under the first Governor Cuomo (Mario) as Secretary of the Banking Board for New York State.


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