Posted by: jamesvw | August 30, 2011

September 13 – Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District

September 13 – Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District

Early voting has already started in this race and will continue until September 9. After that, a regular election with polling stations will be conducted on the 13th.

Another scandal topples the dominoes to another special election. This time, it was the resignation of Republican Senator John Ensign that brought about the congressional race. After holding out for more than a year in the face of accusations of an extramarital affair and a tax-payer funded cover-up, he left office, leading to the promotion of Congressman Dean Heller into the upper chamber. Now Republicans hope to hold onto the House seat as well.

This is an enormous district, comprising most of the state geographically – though due to the heavy tilt of population towards Las Vegas, there are two districts squeezed into the southeast corner of the state. The 2nd contains Reno and Carson City.

Taking on the task of holding the seat for Republicans is former GOP State Chairman Mark Amodei. A lawyer in Carson City and former Assemblyman and State Senator, Amodei (pronounced Am-Uh-Day) presided over party affairs since being elected head of the Nevada Republicans in 2006. He also ran last year in the primary to take on Senator Harry Reid, but dropped out during the primary season.

The Democratic candidate is Kate Marshall, the current Nevada State Treasurer. A Deputy State Attorney General focused on antitrust cases, she was first elected statewide in 2006 and reelected last year to the Treasurer position.


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