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Election Digest – August 16, 2011

Election Digest – August 16, 2011

The final day of recalls in Wisconsin will be held on the 16th as Democrats try to hold onto the 2 seat gain that they won last week. This time around, two of their own face recalls and now that it is assured that Republicans will continue to hold the chamber (by a 17-16 margin if both Democrats retain their seat), much of the public eye has shifted elsewhere.

Follow below the jump for Washington’s Primary Day as well as other elections around the country!


State Senate District 26

In this Macon based district, two Democrats will face each other in a runoff. David Lucas Sr., a former state representative is running against Miriam Paris, a former City Council president.

Election results: 99% reporting ballots cast 23,170

Lucas has won three of the four counties but Bibb county has 12 times the turnout as all the other counties combined and Pariswon there.

Ballots cast, turnout

David Lucas Sr. 10,220 (44.1%)

Miriam Paris 12,950 (55.9%) (w)

Macon Mayor

Incumbent Robert Reichert is hoping to fend off a challenge from former Mayor C. Jack Ellis. The latter candidate served from 1999-2007 and was not allowed to run for a third consecutive term but is allowed after taking four years off.

Election results:

Reichert holds Mayoral seat

Reichert 10,307 (w)

Ellis 9,707


House of Representatives District 121

After Democrat representative Cynthia Dill vacated this seat to run (and eventually win) an open State Senate seat, a special election will be held in this north Cape Elizabeth based district. Democrats will be hoping to hold onto the seat. Their nominee is Kim Monaghan-Derrig, a tourism marketer who serves on the Cape Elizabeth school board.

Republicans nominated Nancy Thompson, a Cape Elizabeth insurance saleswoman.

Election results: 6,608 registered voters,  2,509 ballots cast, 38% turnout

Kim Monaghan-Derrig 1,340 (w)

Nancy Thompson 1,164


We have a whole slew of primary elections in Washington including in Seattle and Kings County

(for more info on all the candidates, click here)

Metropolitan King County Council District No. 6
Patsy Bonincontri
Richard E. Mitchell
Jane Hague (w)
John Creighton

Metropolitan King County Council District No. 8
Joe McDermott (w)
Diana Toledo


City of Burien
Council Position No. 2
Greg Duff
Ed Dacy
Lucy Krakowiak (w)

City of Burien
Council Position No. 4
Gordon M. Shaw
Joey Martinez
Bob Edgar (w)

City of Federal Way
Council Position No. 3
Mark Koppang
Roger Flygare
Susan Honda (w)
Scott M. Sparling

City of Lake Forest Park
Dwight A. Thompson
Mary Jane Goss (w)
Stan Lippmann

City of Kirkland
Council Position No. 2
Bob Sternoff
Jason Gardiner (w)
Chuck Hinson

City of Kirkland
Council Position No. 6
Martin Morgan
Dave Asher (w)
James A. (Jim) Hart

City of Kent
Council Position No. 3
Les Thomas (w)
Nancy Skorupa
Jim Bennett

City of Kent
Council Position No. 5
Charles Lambert
Gwen Allen
Debbie Raplee
Bill Boyce (w)

City of Kent
Council Position No. 7
Dana Ralph (w)
Michael S. Sealfon
Suzanne Smith

City of Milton
Caleb Lewis
Leonard Sanderson
Debra Perry (w)

City of Newcastle
Council Position No. 4
Andrew T. Shelton
Frank Irigon
Gordon A. Bisset (w)

City of Renton
Council Position No. 5
Mark Martinez
Ed Prince (w)
Robin H. Jones

City of Sammamish
Council Position No. 4
Jim Wasnick
John Galvin
Ramiro Valderrama (w)

City of Seattle
Council Position No. 1
Michael Taylor-Judd
Maurice Classen
Jean Godden (Inc.) (w)
Bobby Forch

City of Seattle
Council Position No. 9
Fathi Karshie
Sally J. Clark (Inc.) (w)
Dian Ferguson

Referendum 1

Approved (w)

City of SeaTac
Council Position No. 3
Othman Heibe
Terry Anderson (w)
Sandra Cook-Bensley

City of Tukwila
Council Position No. 6
Ruth Sanoy
Louise H. Strander (w)
Kate Kruller

Tukwila Prop 1

Approved (w)


Clarification on Seattle School District No. 1 races: In the primary, the director positions are voted on by registered voters living in the director district. In the general election, these positions are voted at large by all registered voters in Seattle School District No. 1.

Seattle School District No. 1 Director District No. 1
John Cummings
Peter Maier (w)
Sharon Peaslee

Seattle School District No. 1 Director District No. 2
Jack Whelan
Terrence J. Menage
Mark T. Weber
Sherry Carr (w)
Kate Martin

Seattle School District No. 1 Director District No. 3
John Dunn
David Blomstrom
Harium Martin-Morris (w)
Michelle Buetow

Seattle School District No. 1 Director District No. 6
Nick Esparza
Marty McLaren
Steve Sundquist (w)
Joy Anderson

Federal Way School District No. 210 Director District No. 3
Danny Peterson
Elizabeth Drake (w)
Carrie BeSerra

King County Fire Protection District No. 16 Commissioner Position No. 1
Stan Isenhath
Don Ellis
Eric Adman (w)

King County Fire Protection District No. 43 Commissioner Position No. 4
Gabe DeBay (w)
Jennifer C. Rydberg
Jim Callow

King County Water District No. 20 Commissioner Position No. 3
Bill Placek
Darold P. Doell (w)
Sandy Hopp

Soos Creek Water and Sewer District Commissioner Position No. 1

Darren M. Yokers
Mike Cole
Darold Stroud
Rachelle Weiler
Larry West
Steve Pfaff (w)

Public Hospital District No. 1, Commissioner District No. 1

Paul Joos (w)
Mary Alice Heuschel
Jim Grossnickle
Washington Proposition

Kings County

Voters will decide whether to replace an expiring levy of property tax of 5 cents for every $1,000 assessed property value. It would also authorize annual increases by the percentage increase in the consumer price index or 1%, whichever is greater, with a maximum increase of 3%, for the five succeeding years after 2012

Voters will decide whether to replace a city viaduct with a deep-bore tunnel. “Section 6, if approved, would authorize the City Council to give notice to proceed, beyond preliminary design work, with three agreements concerning the State’s proposal to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct with a deep-bore tunnel.”

However, it is important to note that “This ballot measure will neither approve nor reject the deep-bore tunnel as an alternative to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Rather, as explained below, your vote will affect how the City Council will decide whether to proceed with current agreements on the deep-bore tunnel beyond preliminary design work, after environmental review is completed.”

City of Tukwila

Voters will vote on a proposal to create a Tukwila Pool Metropolitan Park District, levying a tax on property in the district of 15 cents per $1,000 assessed value in order to acquire and operate a pool facility.

results by County can be found by clicking on County name:

Whatcom, Okanogan, Ferry, Stevens, Pend Oreille, Spokane, Lincoln, GrantDouglas, Chelan, Skagit, San Juan, Clallam, Island, Snohomish, King and local, Jefferson, Kitsap. Grays Harbor, Mason, Pierce, Kittitas, Adams, Whitman, Asotin, Garfield, Columbia, Walla Walla, Benton, Yakima, Klickitat, Thurston, Pacific, Lewis, Clark, Whakiakum, Cowlitz, Skamania

Franklin did not hold a Primary election.

Sunawee County FL  registered voters 25,119 –  ballots cast 11,111 – turnout 44.2%!!

 Booze and its sale to take it home passes.

Are higher alcohol content beverages ok here?

Yes 7,489 (67.4%) (w)

No 3,612 (32.5%)

If Q1 passes, should we set up stores to sell it to go?

Yes 7,576 (73%) (w)

No 2,790 (26.9%)

More on this one by clicking here

Wisconsin (for more info, click here)

Two Democrats will face possible recall associated with the protracted battle over collective bargaining rights for public workers, which state Republicans ultimately eliminated. One Democrat, Dave Hansen, has already won his recall election last month.

District 12 – Jim Holperin (D-Inc.) vs. Kim Simac (R)  at 9:52pm (local time) with 78% in the AP calls it for Holperin

100% reporting

Holperin 30,321 (55%) (w)

Simac 24,813 (45%)

District 22 – Robert Wirch (D-Inc.) vs. Jonathan Steitz (R) at 9:28pm (local time) with 70% in the AP calls it for Wirch

100% reporting

Wirch 25,541 (58%) (w)

Steitz 18,838 (42%)


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