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Election Digest – August 9, 2011

Election Digest – August 9, 2011


Its recall day in Wisconsin! Over thirty million dollars have been spent in these races by outside groups – that is more money than was spent on every legislative race in Wisconsin in 2010 (that means on every House and Senate race combined!). Democrats need to pick up a net of 3 Senate seats to take over the chamber – polling suggests they are close to this goal, but it is such an unpredictable set of races that it will come down to turnout (doesn’t it always?).

But wait, there is more – below are some other races that are being held on August 9. As always, there may be some missing, feel free to add them in now or with results tomorrow evening.


State Senate District 43 primary

RESULTS – Greg Childers is the Republican nominee after receiving 58% of the vote

Republican Jim Reynolds was elected Cleveland County’s treasurer and Republicans will be choosing their nominee for this seat. The race is between Greg Childers, a former employee of the University of Oklahoma’s National Center for Employee Development, and Theresa Nelson.

The winner will face Democrat Kenneth Meador, an eight year military veteran, in the general election on October 11.

Midwest City – The Proposition passed with 77% of the vote

Voters will be asked to raise the sales tax by 0.55% to a total of 8.35% in order to pay for a new sewer plant and other city improvements.

Piedmont – The Proposition passed with 90% of the vote

Voters will decide whether to extend the franchise agreement with Oklahoma Gas and Electric for 25 years

New Hampshire

RESULTS – Democrats picked up the House Seat as Bob Perry won with 58% of the vote over his Republican opponent, Honey Puterbaugh

State Representative, Strafford County District 9 (for more info)

Republican Marty Harty resigned this seat a few months ago. Republicans have nominated Honey Puterbaugh while Democrats lined up behind Bob Perry. This seat will not make a large difference in the chamber where Republicans hold a commanding lead (out of 400 seats, they hold 294 seats), but Democrats are hoping to make a trend of picking up open seats after a surprise victory a few months ago.


Recall of Republican Senators (for more information)

RESULTS FROM THE WISCONSIN RECALL – Republicans have held onto 4 out of 6 races, meaning that the new State Senate composition will be 17 Republicans and 16 Democrats, pending the two recall votes for Democratic Senators next week. The two seats that flipped are district 18 and district 32.

Results are:

District 2 – Robert Cowles (W – 60%) vs. Nancy Nusbaum (D) (40%)
District 8 – Alberta Darling (W – 54%) vs. Sandy Pasch (D) (46%)
District 10 – Sheila Harsdorf (W – 58%) vs. Shelly Moore (D) (42%)
District 14 – Luther Olsen (W – 52%) vs. Fred Clark (D) (48%)
District 18 – Randy Hopper (49%) vs. Jessica King (D) (W – 51%)
District 32 – Dan Kapanke (45%) vs. Jennifer Schilling (D) (W – 55%)

Assembly District 48

Technically, Chris Taylor appears on the ballot in Madison, but having already won the 7 person Democratic primary and facing no Republican opponent, she will win this seat barring no stunning write-in candidate.


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