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Election results digest – August 2

MI (please enjoy the video from MI as we gather results.) 


2 questions on the ballot

1)  levy a tax of 0.5394 of one (1) mill ($0.5394 on each $1,000.00 of Taxable Value) for a period of four years to provide ““Activities and Services” for Older Persons (individuals 60 years of age or older) for social, legal, health, housing, educational, emotional, nutritional, recreational and mobility services and senior service facility improvements?” Would provide in the first year $521,535.



2) to restore the 0.55 of one (1) mill, which was levied in 2006 through 2009 … to levy a tax not to exceed 0.0106 of one (1) mill ($0.0106 on each $1,000.00 of Taxable Value) for a period of four years for providing “Activities and Services” for Older Persons (individuals 60 years of age or older) for social, legal, health, housing, educational, emotional, nutritional, recreational and mobility services and senior service facility improvements? Would provide in the first year $10,249.



3) to levy a tax of 0.1250 (1/8) mill ($0.1250 on each $1000.00 of Taxable Value) for a period of four years for providing funds to equip, operate, maintain and provide support and assistance services to Veterans through the Alpena County Department of Veterans Affairs. If passed it would raise in the first year (2010) is $124,380.79.



4) to levy a tax one half of one (1/2) mill ($0.50 on each $1000.00 of Taxable Value) for a period of four years for providing “Recreational Activities” for Youth and Recreation for Alpena County Residents, as well as, recreational service and improvement or development of recreational sites?  Will collect, if the millage is approved and levied, in the first year $483,000.”




Saugatuck township  (registered voters 2306, ballots cast 351, spolied 2, turnout 

Yes 273 (77.87%) (w)

No 78 (22.22%)

Douglas City registered voters 1009, ballots cast 199, turnout 19.7%

Yes 174 (87.44%) (w)

No 25 (12.56%)

Saugatuck city  (registered voters 804, ballots cast 171 , spolied , turnout 21.27%)

Yes 150 (87.72%) (w)

No 21 (12.28%)


1.5 mils per year for 20 years to either build a new courthouse/annex, or renovation, or renovate the Baraga County Memorial Hospital.

Yes 507

No 923 (w)


Fire and Police Protection Millage registered voters 935, Ballots cast 139, spoiled 1, turnout 14.87%

Yes 88 (63.77%) (w)

No 50 (36.23%)


Lake Township – .75 mills from now on for a library.

Yes 54 (w)

No 38



Covert Public Schools District Levy Vote

For a levy to cover infrastructure and repair costs, 2 mills ($2 for every $1,000 of property value) for 20 years.




City of Benton Harbor


Wilce Cooke

James Hightower

Matthew Bradley

City Commissioner – Ward 1 (registered voters 2682, ballots cast

Richard Alexander 46

Sharon Henderson 60 (w)

Eddie Marshall 65 (w)

City Commissioner – Ward 2

Trenton Bowens

Garry Guild

City Commissioner – At Large (Vote for 2)

Mary Alice Adams 157

Japhy Bartlett 31

Bryan Joseph 261 (w)

Margie Carter 24

Lisa Gulley 111

Ruthie Haralson 143

David Shaw 221 (w)


City of Niles

Mayor – registered voters 8916, ballots cast 558, spoiled 2, turnout .06%

Bruce Leach 51

Mike McCauslin 296 (w)

Tim Skalla 194 (w)

Micheal Squier II 17




City of St. Joseph

City Commissioner

Fran Chickering

Michael Garey

Jeffrey Richards


Township of Bertrand

Supervisor – Republican Primary registered voters 2141, ballots cast 386, turnout 18.03%

Matthew Remmo 86

Scott Bonner 261 (w)

Earl Lintz 37

Trustee – Republican Primary

Alice King 230 (w)

Anna Norton 150

maybe the other 16 votes were blanks.

Galien Township Trustee – Democratic Primary

Larry Metzger 13 (w)

Galien Township Treasurer – Democratic Primary

Kendra Truhn 13 (w)
Calhoun County


Emmett Township Tax Vote

Emmett Township reduced its public safety millage from 1.79% to 1.69% and would like to renew it at the 1.69 for 10 years to cover the cost of retaining eight police and fire positions. Total raised, if passed, $549,201.00.


Jackson ISD

Chippewa County

Detour Township

Sugar Island Township

Clinton County

Montcalm Community College

Crawford County

Crawford County

Delta County

Delta County – 3rd Comm. District

Escanaba City

Gladstone City

Maple Ridge Township

Eaton County

Lansing City

Lansing City – 1st Ward


Potterville City

Recall mania continues! Three local positions are facing recall here.  The complaint is that the City increased taxes, voted to appoint one particular member, had a secret meeting to increase another tax.

Should the following City Councilmembers be recalled?

Rodney Ross
Briant Titus
Judith Williams


MS  (AP counts votes) Click here to see what Jamie had written about this in his excellent profile.

Runoff for Democratic Gubenatorial candidate

Agriculture Commissioner – GOP Primary

Precincts C. Hyde-Smith
M. Phillips
D. Reed
Total 1819/1873
District Attorney – District 16 – Dem Primary
Precincts F. Allgood (i)
B. Bambach
Total 67/67 12,439
Governor – Dem Primary
Precincts J. DuPree
B. Luckett
G. Shaw
W. Compton
Total 1851/1873 166,440
Governor – GOP Primary
Precincts J. Broadwater
P. Bryant
D. Dennis
H. Holliday
R. Williams
Total 1819/1873 3,492

Lieutenant Governor – GOP Primary
Precincts B. Hewes
T. Reeves
Total 1819/1873 119,324

Northampton, MA Ward 3 – Read the background (you won’t be sorry!)   registered voters 18,939 –  ballots cast 884 – turnout 4.6%

Owen Freeman-Daniels 658 (w)

Arnie Levinson 223

Chris McCally 2

W. Sidney Stern 1


Kansas City – Board of Education of Center School District No. 58 of Jackson County, Missouri

A tax levy of the District to $5.7151 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation, and to use such funds to provide for school programs, operating costs, ongoing facility maintenance and capital improvements. If this proposition is approved, the adjusted operating tax levy of the District is estimated to increase $0.76 from $4.9551 currently to $5.7151 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation.

registered voters 19,758, ballots cast 2377, turnout 12%

Yes 1276 (53.93%) (w)

No 1090 (46.07%)



Webster County

Seymour RII School District, a levy which would have provided $3.5 million.

registered voters 2923, ballots cast 640, spoiled 4, turnout 21.9%

Yes 197 30.97%

No 439 69.03% (w)


Jackson County

City of Grandview

Impose a tax on the charges for all sleeping rooms paid by transient guests of hotels and motels in Grandview, Missouri, at a rate of five percent (5%) for the purpose of promoting tourism?

Yes 395 (75.38%) (w)

No 129 (24.62%)


Texas County  registered voters 4047, ballots cast 1017, spoiled ballot 1, turnout 25.13%

Should Houston R-I School District join with the Ozarks Technical Community College District?

Yes 485 (47.73%)

No  531 (52.27%) (w)


St. Clair County registered voters 855, ballots cast 108, turnout 12.6%

Millage levy of .29 cents per hundred dollars of property value for Collings Fire Protection District.

Yes 39

No 69 (w)


Camden County registered voters 1954, ballots cast 1171, turnout 59.9%

Millage Levy for Climax Springs R IV School District to build a new school.  The proposition would have raised the current operating tax levy ceiling bby .94 cents per $100.00 of value for thirty years and reduced the ceiling by .94 cents per hundred at the end of that period.

Yes  329

No  842 (w)


Laclede County

Recall of Lebanon, MO Mayor C.P. Craig   registered voters 8,450   – ballots cast 2,237 – spoiled 3 – turnout 26.5%

For removal 1,796 (80.39%) (w)

Against removal 438 (19.61%)



Dothan City Commission District 2

Amos Newsome 232 (w)

Jimmy Whatham 171

Dothan City Commission District 4

Critt Snellgrove 582 (w)

John Craig 391

Dothan City School Board District 2 election

Franklin Jones 340 (w)

Mary Farmer 51


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