Posted by: mattvote | July 8, 2011

Election 2011 – Catawba Indian Nation – July 23

Catawba Executive Committee Elections 2011

The date of the election has been confirmed with a member of the election committee and the list below has been provided to the community.   A candidates forum has already taken place but another one is annouced and we hear about it then the informtion  will be posted here.


Nominations were taken at the February General Council meeting for Executive Committee Candidates. The following tribal members were nominated to be our future leaders.


Bill Harris, Jason Harris, and Donald Rodgers

Assistant Chief:

Bobby Blue, Gene Blue, Wayne George, Danny Simmers, and John Williford


Rod Beck and Thomas Cabaniss

Committee Members:

Joann Bauer, Sammy Beck, Dean Canty, Brian Harris, Butch Sanders, Fred Sanders, and Brandy Wilson

Packets with “information about the candidates, where and when to vote, and how to cast an absentee ballot” have been mailed to the community. “If you have any questions please contact a member of the Election Committee. Amy Canty, committee chair can be reached at 803-366-4792 ext 222.”


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