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Election Digest – July 19, 2011

Election Digest – July 19, 2011

Recalls a plenty in Wisconsin – but that’s not all. Here is the July 19th, 2011 Election Digest


Deerfield Beach

Registered 8,639, ballots cast 663, turnout 7.67%

8 of 8 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Andre Samuels
Percent of total votes
11.97% 79
Anthony L Davis
Percent of total votes
24.70% 163
Gloria J. Battle
Percent of total votes
30.45% 201
Ben Preston
Percent of total votes (w)
32.73% 216
Percent of total votes
0.15% 1

A special election is being held for the 2nd district of the City Council in Deerfield Beach. Candidates are:

Ben Preston
Anthony Davis
Gloria Battle
Andre Samuels
David Cody (WI)

Georgia (More Info)

State Senate District 26

Miriam Paris Democratic 8,831 (44.6%) (w)

David E. Lucas, Sr. Democratic 7,796 (39.4%)

Bobby Gale Republican 3,182 (16.1%)

Totals  19,809  (100.00%)

State House District 139

James Beverly Democratic 3,990 (65.2%) (w)

Anissa M. Jones Democratic 2,125 (34.8%)

Totals 6,115 (100.0%)

In the Macon area, two special elections are being held – one for State Senate district 26 and one for House district 139. David Lucas Sr. and Miriam Paris are the Democrats in the Senate race with Bobby Gale is the Republican. On the House side of the ballot, James Beverly squares off against Anissa Jones.

Sandersville – Mayor (More info) This is a strange one. Mayor Buzz Jack resigned his post and a special election will be held to fill the seat. He did so in order not to put at risk his retirement benefits earned from being a teacher for 35 years, as a new Mississippi law stated that he could not receive the benefits if employed by another position in the pension system. It just requires him not to work for 45 days, however, at which time he can resume his time as Mayor. So that is exactly what he is trying to do – having resigned, he will run for election on the 19th therefore not running afoul of the new pension law, but also able to finish up the last two years of his term.

update 7/19/11

It continues to get stranger.  In the July 19th elections Jack did not get the most votes but the top vote getter did not get enough to win outright.  So, a run off will have to take place.  Could that be the end of this strange story?  Of course not!  The traditional set up is for a run off to occur two weeks later.  However, in this case, August 2 is the Primary Elections and this run off will have to rescheduled for another time.

July 19 results

Hill 100

Jack 70

Cotten 24

Rowell 22

Stay Tuned!


North Las Vegas – City Council Ward 4 (More info) A new election had to be called in this race after the two candidates tied! Incumbent Richard Cherchio will face Wade Wagner.

Update – Wagner appears to have won by one vote but one vote is being contested.  The results are being challenged.

New York
Albany – Public Library Budget (More Info) Voters will get to vote again on the city’s library budget. In this revised version, it cuts 717,802 from the budget submitted and rejected by voters in May.

In Brookhaven, voters are being asked if the town can sell one of its fire trucks. The question states:”Shall the resolution of Yaphank Fire District in the town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, entitled “Resolution Authorizing the Sale of a 1987 Pearce Rescue Truck with Walkthrough Box Dated June 7, 2011” be approved?”

Pawnee Nation Business Council Seat 4 (More info)

Jon T. James
Carol L. Nuttle
Lillie Cummings
Lester Suneagle
Elizabeth Blackowl

South Carolina
Beaufort – City Council At-Large District (More info)
868 votes out of 7, 053 (12.3% turnout)
Holman  191 (22%)
Petit 194 (22.3%)
O’Kelley 474 (54.6%) (w)
Longtime Councilor Gary Fordham passed away earlier this year and this election will seek to fill his seat.

Hyattsville – City Council – Special Elecction – Ward 1
The seat was vacated when the holder was elevated to Mayor recently.  This special election is to fill the seat for two years.
William Jenne – 9
Scott D. Matirne – 54
Eric Wingard – 65 (w)

Wisconsin (More info)
Three Democratic State Senators are facing recalls in Wisconsin but only one faces their Republican opponent today. Dave Hansen will face off against David Vanderleest. In the other races, two Republican primaries are being held, one between Kim Simac and Robert Lussow in the 12th district of Senator Jim Holperin and Fred Elkornaas and Johnathan Steitz in the 22nd district of Senator Robert Wirch.

Update –

Hansen  10,694 (68.2%) (w)

Vanderleest 4,829 (30.8%)



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