Posted by: jamesvw | July 4, 2011

Election 2011 – Connecticut Municipal Races

Election 2011 – Connecticut Municipal Races

Primary – Sept. 13


Bridgeport – The largest city in Connecticut, located in the south west corner in Fairfield County.


Incumbent Bill Finch will be running for reelection, going up against Mary Jane Foster, the family law lawyer and former Trustee at Quinnipiac University.


New Haven – The home of Yale University


John DeStefano, incumbent since 1993, will be seeking his 8th term as mayor. He will face community activist Clifton Graves, social worker Jefferey Kerekes, former alderman Robert Lee and former alderman Tony Dawson. All are Democrats


Waterbury –

Mayor (News story)

This race is made interesting by incumbent Mike Jarjera’s decision to switch parties, moving from the Democratic party to the Republican. This emerged after a squabble over his promised decision to now Democratic candidate Neil O’Leary not to run for a sixth term as mayor.

Neil O’Leary, formerly the police chief of the city will face off against Paul Vance Jr., a former aldermanic president, in the Democratic primary.


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