Posted by: jamesvw | July 2, 2011

Election 2011 – Louisiana Statewide Races

Election 2011 – Louisiana Statewide Races

Selected State Politics Blogs (not necessarily non-partisan) – The Daily KingfishCentral La. PoliticsBetween the Lines

Primary – October 22 – State Voting Information

Incumbent Republican Governor Bobby Jindal will be seeking a second term and will face a yet unannounced Democrat is Tara Hollis.

Few Democrats have filed for the other races, but a couple of Republican primaries should be interesting down ballot. Attorney General James Caldwell, who recently switched from the Democratic Party, will face former New Orleans Congressman Joseph Cao. Republican Secretary of State Tom Schedler will face State Rep. Walker Hines in the primary and then the winner will face Democrat Caroline Fayard.

In the Legislature, Republicans control the State House by a 52-49 margin with 4 independents as well. The Senate is also narrowly Republican, with a 20-19 split.

Harvesting Oysters, Olga, Louisiana - 1938


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