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Election 2011 – Washington State – August 16

Washington State Primary August 16, 2011

Info – Under construction

There are many races throughout Washington and Michigan this year. We are going to need your help to add information about individual races. Follow down to the flip side to see them all!

Asotin County

Asotin County Commissioner – 1 year unexpired term

Brian Temple (R)

George Nash (D)

Donna Manchester (D)

Brian Shinn (I)

City Of Kennewick (Benton) Council Position 5 Ward 1 – Nonpartisan office (4-year term)

Gloria Tyler Baker

Betty Klundt

Robert  “Bob” Olson

Council Position 6 Ward 2 Nonpartisan office (4-year term)

Diane Crawford

Joe Kadinger

Paul Parish

Council Position 7 Ward 3 Nonpartisan office (4-year term)

William Miller

Loren Nichols

Steve Young

City Of Richland (Benton) Council Pos. 6 Nonpartisan office
(4-year term)

Terry Christensen

Eldon E Eskeli

Patrick McBurney

Creighton Knight

City Of West Richland (Benton) Council Pos. 7 Nonpartisan office
(4-year term)

Jeff Ballard

Tony Benegas

Johan Curtiss

Larry E Sandberg

Kennewick School District 17 (Benton) Director No. 5 Nonpartisan
office (4-year term)

Brian Brooks

Uby Creek

Brian Bradford

Kiona-Benton City School District 52 (Benton) Director
District 1 Nonpartisan office (4-year term)

Jill M. Renz-Whitman

Gary Howell 

Tim Cook 

Kiona-Benton City School District 52 Director, District 4 Nonpartisan office (4-year term)

Wayne J. Elston

Charlotte Burruss

Joe Schroeder

Prosser Consolidated School District 116 (Benton, Klickitat) Director District 1 Nonpartisan
office (4-year term)

Robert (RJ) Blahut

Anita (Rodriguez) Dennis

Gayle Wheeler

Prosser Consolidated School District 116 Director District 2

Larry Loges

Timothy D. Rankin

William “Bill” Jenkin

Richland School District 400 (Benton) Director No. 3
Nonpartisan office (4-year term)

Dave Serell

Gordon Comfort

Rick Donahoe

Elizabeth Nagel

Richland School District 400 Director No. 4 Nonpartisan office (4-year term)

Mary Guay

Jhoanna Jones

Brian Barth

Richland School District 400 Director No. 5 Nonpartisan office (4-year term)

Jeffrey Dennison

Brett Amidan

Phyllis Strickler

Spokane Area

State Senate  Legislative District 4

 Mike Padden

 Jeff Baxter

Spokane County Superior Court Position 2

James Triplet

Spokane  Mayor

Mary Verner

Mike Noder

Barbara Lampert

David Condon

Robert Kroboth

Spokane City Council president

Ben Stuckart

Steve Corker

Dennis Hession

Victor Noder

Spokane City Council, northeast district

John Waite

Gary Pollard

Mike Fagan

Luke Tolley

Donna McKereghan

Chris Bowen

Spokane City Council, south district

Mike Allen

Richard Rush

 Spokane City Council, northwest district

Karen Kearney

Steve Salvatori

Joy Jones

Spokane Valley City Council, position 2

Dean Grafos

John Carroll

Spokane Valley City Council, position 3

Arne Woodard

DeeDee Loberg

Spokane Valley City Council, position 5

Chuck Hafner

Spokane Valley City Council, position 6

Ben Wick

John Baldwin

Lewis Higgins

Marilyn Cline

Airway Heights Council Position 3

Charlotte Lawrence

Barron Williamson

Airway Heights Council Position 6

Doyle Inman

Michael L. States

Airway Heights Council Position 7

John E. Holloway

Dave Malet

Cheney Council Position 5

Bob Stockton

Kathleen A. Warren

Cheney Council Position 7

Graeme Webster

Tim Gainer

Deer Park Council Position 2

• Helen (Dee) Gragun, Fred Senn

Liberty Lake Mayor

Steve Peterson

Josh Beckett

Liberty Lake Council Position 5

Keith L. Kopelson

Shane Brickner

Medical Lake Council Position 5

Howard N. Jorgenson

Donald B. Kennedy

Kent R. Reitmeier

Medical Lake Council Position 6

Laura Parsons

John R. Paikuli

Millwood Council Position 3

Mike Ellis

Brian Ellingson

Millwood Council Position 4

David P. Kopp

Glenn E. Bailey

Rockford Council Position 3

Steve Christman

Clinton Stevenson

Spokane Public Schools, School Board, Position 5

Paul E. Lecoq

Rod Roduner

Deana Brower

Bob Griffing

Larry Vandervert

Sally Fullmer

Cheney School District 4

Richard L. Mount

Rochelle Schoenleber

Deer Park District 1

Jeff Whittle

Joshua Gilstrap

Paul W. Lewis

Deer Park District 4

Carri Breckner

Linda Hjelm

Deer Park At Large

Marie Layman

Eric Keller

Freeman District 5

Lisa Paternoster

Angela (Annie) Keebler

Liberty District 5

Mark Bullock

Andy Schenk

Nine Mile Falls Position 3

Jeffrey Jurgensen

William (Bill) McBride

Reardan-Edwall Position 2

Brad Ray

Katherine Eastman

Reardan-Edwall Position 4

David Sprecher

Dawn Bennett

Fire District  5 Position 3

Mike Pankonin

Gary Pietz

Fire District 9 Position 1

Thomas R (Tom) McGarry

Robert E. Strasburg

Ralph J. Rickards, Jr.

Fire District 10 Position 3

Jerry McCoury

Glenn A. Pike

Fire District 13 Position 3

Clayton G. Andersen Sr.

Kathleen Small


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