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Election Digest – Week of June 28

Election Digest – Week of June 28

**UPDATED WITH RESULTS for Miami-Dade Mayor and other races**

This is the first of what hopefully will be a recurring feature. A brief laying out of the local elections being held around the country. Information will be provided as available but local races need local readers to provide content as well.

Inevitably, some races will be overlooked – if you notice one missing, add it in the comments or email us the information at allpoliticsislocal1 at

All of these elections are on Tuesday, June 28 unless otherwise noted.


State Representative Special Election District 110

Jose Oliva (R) v. Antonio Moreno (write-in)

Jose Oliva – 9,723 – 88.7% (W)

Antonio Moreno – 1,280 – 11.63%

Miami-Dade County (More Info)

Mayor – Julio Robaina v. Carlos Giminez

Carlos Giminez – 101,865 – 51% (W)

Julio Robaina – 97,490 – 49%

Lake Park Town Elections (more info)

Mayor – James DuBois v. James Lloyd

James DuBois – 294 – 62% (W)

James Lloyd – 177 – 37.58%

Commissioner – Chuck Balius v. Brendan Beard v. Ed Daly v. Cynthia Grey v. Tim Stevens

Tim Stevens – 323 – 69.49% (W)

Cynthia Grey – 89 – 19%

Brenden Beard – 38 – 8%

Chuck Balius – 9 – 2%

Ed Daly – 6 – 1%

Lake Worth City Election (more info)

Mayor – Javier Del Sol v. Lisa Maxwell v. Tom Ramiccio v. Rachel Waterman

Rachel Waterman – 1,047 – 41.76%

Tom Ramiccio – 749 – 29.88%

Lisa Maxwell – 661 – 26.37%

Javier Del Sol – 50 – 2%


Washington Community School District (more information)

Iowa Washington Community Schools were trying to pass $9.5 million to renovate the Middle School.  A super majority of the vote was required for this request to pass.
Yes –  51.5%
No – 48.5% (W, as 60% was needed)

Nashua-Plainfield Community School District

Special Election


East Longmeadow (more info)

Special Debt Exclusion Election regarding Athletic Field Equipment and to update the Public Safety Radio System

Public Radio System – Passed

Athletic Field – Failed


Pepperell (The election is to be held on Monday, June 27) (more info)

A ballot referendum election for Monday, June 27, 2011 regarding two (2) Proposition 2 1/2 Capital Exclusion questions and two (2) Proposition 2 1/2 Debt Exclusion.

Police Cruiser

Yes – 150

No – 177 (W)

Police Equipment

Yes – 143

No – 183 (W)


Yes – 163

No – 166 (W)


Yes – 164

No – 167 (W)

Shirley (more info)

Debt exclusion to fund debt payments remaining on items authorized and purchased as part of the town’s capital plan since 1996.

Yes – 551 (W)

No – 457

Minnesota (more info)

Cass Lake

General election for Ojibwe Native American Tribe

Secretary/Treasurer of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe
Donald “Donnie” Headbird 1098 49.9%
Donald “Mick” Finn 1104 50.1%

South Dakota

Rapid City Municipal Election Runoff (more info)

Mayor – Alan Hanks (Inc.) vs. Alderman Sam Kooiker

Sam Kooiker – 6977 – 51.77% (W)

Alan Hanks – 6499 – 48.23%

City Council Ward 2 – Deb Hadcock (Inc.) vs. Richie Nordstrom

Richie Nordstrom – 1073 – 63.38% (W)

Deb Hadcock – 620 – 36.62%


City of Harriman (more information)

Annexation Resolution election

For – 7 – 100%

Against – 0 – 0%

I should probably explain this one – the election is a result of two towns fighting over the annexation of land south of Harriman. The Supreme Court in Tennessee has already ruled in favor of Kingston, the town directly to the south. Therefore, this election is largely for show – since the matter has been settled by the courts. That may be why so few people voted.


Millard School District (more info)

Bond Election – The vote will be whether to use a Qualified School Construction Bond Funds, requiring the property tax for district homes to rise $75 for the year in order to pay for construction costs

Utah Millard Community Schools.  Trying to replace two schools.  They did a good job getting the word out as they won 15 of the 19 precincts.  However, the four where they lost they lost big.
Against 1166 (W)
For 986


I’ll take this moment also to explain what debt exclusion means since it is a frequently voted-on topic in Massachusetts and other states with similar provisions in the law.

As with the recently passed soon to be maybe sorta kinda passed property tax cap in New York, those states like Massachusetts do not allow communities to have property taxes rise above a certain percentage. In Massachusetts’ case, taxes can only rise 2.5% or less each year. There is the addition of a ceiling that no municipality can have revenue from property taxes exceed 2.5% of the value of all the properties in the town.

With me so far?

Written into the law is a process of excluding certain projects from this ceiling, therefore allowing for towns to vote on whether to raise property taxes above the cap in order to pay for certain projects. This generally means school budgets, new fire departments, sewer repair, etc. Therefore, wealthier communities may choose to do so consistently in order to better fund public schools.



  1. Just FYI the property tax cap hasn’t been passed yet in NY (it has in the Senate but not the Assembly and will probably look at least a little different by the time it makes it to the governor). It’s currently being held hostage by the Assembly Speaker until the rent control/stabilization laws which expired last Wednesday are renewed and expanded. Those are being held hostage by the Senate Majority Leader for a better deal on the tax cap and greater exceptions for religious institutions and organizations on marriage equality / same sex marriage.

    • Duly noted – I forgot how many rounds, in chambers and in the press, every law has to go through before it actually gets passed in Albany.

      Thanks for the correction!

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