Posted by: jamesvw | June 27, 2011

July 19 – Georgia State Senate District 26 and House District 139

July 19 – Georgia State Senate District 26 and House District 139

A market in Macon, Georgia - 1867

Composition of Georgia State Senate – 36R, 19D with this one vacancy

Composition of Georgia State House – 116R, 62D, 1 independent with this one vacancy

A game of political musical chairs is afoot in Georgia. Democratic State Senator and Minority Leader Robert Brown has stepped down to run for Mayor of Macon (a race which will be interesting in its own right in November) and Democratic Representative David Lucas Sr. has also resigned to run for the open Senate seat.

In the Senate race, District 26, Lucas will face two opponents in the open primary where a runoff will occur if no candidate receives a majority on July 19. Macon City Council President Miriam Paris is the other Democrat in the race. Republican Bobby Gale, a minister from Irwinton who runs the Unto the Least of His ministries, is the third candidate.

In the House race, District 139, Democrats are assured of holding the seat. It will be the first fresh blood in the seat for a long time as Lucas held the seat since 1974. The district is also assured a doctor as a representative. The only question is whether the new representative will be Dr. James Beverly, a young Macon optometrist or Dr. Anissa Jones, a Fort Valley State professor and chiropractor.

The House district is based in Macon, mostly in the east of the city and encompasses the Vineville area as well.




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