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July 12 – Wisconsin State Assembly District 48

July 12 – Wisconsin State Assembly District 48

Downtown Madison with the Capitol


Chris Taylor – 3,383 – 31% (W)

Vicky Selkowe – 2,452 – 23%

Fred Arnold – 1,507 – 14%

Andy Heidt – 1,190 – 11%

Bethany Ordaz – 1,149 – 11%

Dave De Felice – 1,086 – 10%

Hat tip to the Herald-Tribune for its great coverage of this race

The current composition of the Wisconsin Assembly is 59 Republicans, 38 Democrats with this one vacancy, previously held by a Democrat.

No introduction to the upheaval in Wisconsin state politics over the past year is really necessary. The state has become the epicenter for off-year political fights regarding union rights and increasing vitriol amongst parties, with 9 recall elections scheduled in August (with primaries in July) and the governor holding an “extraordinary” special session to pass Republican-supported bills before the potential removal of 6 Republicans and 3 Democrats.

Joe Parisi was elected as the Executive Director of Dane County and 6 Democrats are vying to replace him in the Assembly. The winner of the primary in July will take over the seat as no Republican has filed for the general election originally scheduled for early August. Looking over the biographies of these candidates, it seems like a progressive day-dream and in such a large field, the race will come down to who has the most loyal base following with little to distinguish many of the candidates in terms of differences in policy.

Dave de Felice is chief of staff to current State Senator Spencer Coggs and serves on the Dane County Board.

Chris Taylor is an attorney by training and the director of public policy at Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin.

Fred Arnold has served as a Madison Alderman and Supervisor for Dane County as well as working as a college instructor in the city.

Andy Heidt is the president of the AFSCME local, 1871, and also served as a Madison Alderman.

Bethany Ordaz has worked specifically with health-care providers and nurses as a labor organizer with the SEIU. This race will interestingly therefore pit an SEIU staffer against one from AFSCME.

Katherine Kocs is a community developer, working with government agencies and non-profits to bring public infrastructure projects, among others, to fruition.

Vicky Selkowe was Chief of Staff to Assemblyman Cory Mason and in her work with non-profits in the area, helped found the Workers’ Rights Center.


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