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September 13 – Baltimore City Elections

September 13 – Baltimore Municipal Elections

Current Mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who rose to the position after her predecessor Sheila Dixon resigned upon an embezzlement conviction, is running to be elected in her own right. Yet, because politics in Baltimore are consistently exciting, she will have to overcome a large crowd challenger her for the top job in the city.

Candidates for the seat include: Circuit Court clerk Frank Conaway,  former executive vice president of the Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors Jody Landers, talk show host Catalina Byrd, former city planning director who comes with a fun blog, Otis Rolley, city councilman Carl Stokes and Catherine Pugh, a well known State Senator in the city.

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City Council President

Incumbent Bernard Young (who goes by Jack) rose to the position after Rawlings-Blake took over the mayor’s office. Attached to the powerful East Baltimore Democratic Organization, he has friends in high places throughout the city and served since 1996 on the city council. He works as a radiology manager at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Challenging him for his first full term is another big name in local politics, Maryland Delegate Jill Carter. Representing the 41st district and a past candidate for Mayor of Baltimore, she is the daughter of civil rights hero Walter Carter. Carter has staked out a reputation of independence that has often angered members of her party.

City Council

There are 14 seats on the Baltimore City Council with each member serving four-year terms. Each represent a different geographic locality in the city.

I am sure I am missing candidates for these races – add info to the comments or email it to us at allpoliticsislocal at

1st District

The incumbent is James Kraft who was first elected to the seat in 2004. He is known as a champion of environmental issues and focusing on public safety.

2nd District

This seat is open after longtime incumbent Nicholas D’Adamo has decided to retire.

3rd District

Robert Curran has been on the Council since 1995 and is a member of a family steeped in Baltimore politics.

4th District

Incumbent Bill Henry hopes this year will be a little less crowded than the last time he ran for election. In the 2007 open seat race, he emerged on top of the 8 candidate field. A former city aide who worked for the Patterson Park Community Development Corporation, he is a life long resident of the city and lives in Radnor-Winston.

5th District

Incumbent Rikki Spector was first elected to the Baltimore City Council in the same year that Jimmy Carter was inaugurated president, 1977. Now running for her 8th term, the dean of the council sits on the Executive Appointments, Urban Affairs and Aging Committees.

6th District

Sharon Green Middleton was appointed and then elected in 2007 and is seeking her second term.

7th District

Belinda Conaway is the incumbent, first elected in 2004. She has recently been embroiled in a scandal when it was reported by the Baltimore Examiner that she lived outside of the city, against the rules of the Council. She has since sued the blogger who broke the news for libel. She comes from an important Baltimore political family – her father is Circuit Court Clerk and Mayoral Candidate Frank Conaway, her step-mother, Register of Wills Mary Conaway, and her brother is Maryland Delegate Frank Conaway Jr.

8th District

Incumbent Helen Holton will be looking to add another term to her long representation of the district. She has been a member since 1995.

Dayvon Love, president of progressive think tank Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, is making the jump from policy to being a candidate himself and will have the uphill challenge of unseating the incumbent.

9th District

William Welch Jr. was controversially appointed to this seat after his mother, Agnes Welch, retired. Now he will be attempting to be elected for the first time.

Dr. John Bullock is a political science professor at Towson University and President of the Parish Pastoral Council at St. Edward Catholic Church.

Joining him in the race against the incumbent is Abigail Breiseth, a school teacher who is active in many non-profits in the city as well as the Southwest Baltimore Charter School.

10th District

Council vice-president Edward Reisinger faced a difficult challenge in 2007 from three opponents. It remains to be seen if he will face any opponents this year.

11th District

Many had speculated that incumbent William Cole IV would run for council president this year – but this was quieted as he filed for reelection.

12th District

Incumbent Carl Stokes is running for mayor and so that opens up the 12th district.

Odette Ramos, CEO of a management consulting firm in the city is up and running for the seat.

13th District

Warren Branch is running for his second term on the council. First working as an EMT for a decade before becoming a paralegal and notary public, and eventually a real estate agent. His brother is Maryland Delegate Talmadge Branch.

14th District

The incumbent is Mary Pat Clarke, a teacher by profession, who served in the Council for 16 years prior to an unsucessful mayoral bid in 1995, only to come back to the Council in 2004.

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