Posted by: jamesvw | June 14, 2011

July 12 – California 36th Congressional District

July 12 – California 36th Congressional District


Janice Hahn (D) – 41,585 – 55% (W)

Craig Huey (R) – 34,636 – 45%

For official information and results, click here for the Election Division in California

Though we are heading in a more local direction on this blog, I would be remiss not to briefly mention the upcoming federal election replacing Democratic congresswoman Jane Harman in California, who left to head up the Woodrow Wilson school at Princeton University.

The surprise of this story came out of the new California “jungle primary” system where all candidates regardless of party affiliation run at once and the top two candidates, assuming no one has more than 50%+1 of the vote, move on to a runoff. Though the district has a heavy Democratic tilt and it was expected that two Democrats would move onto the next round, self-funding businessman and Tea Party standard bearer Craig Huey came in second and will be the Republican hope to pick up a surprise seat, negating the Democratic gain in New York this past month. He made his fortune in direct-mail marketing and runs non-profit websites for evangelical Christians.

Seeking to retain the mantle for Democrats is Janice Hahn, a Los Angeles city councilwoman who has racked up the support of former opponents and is consolidating the split Democratic vote that would have added up to a strong majority had there not been many candidates in the first round. A teacher by education with experience in business, she has represented the 15th district since 2001. She also has close ties to the important labor unions in her district which encompasses San Pedro Harbor.


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