Posted by: jamesvw | June 13, 2011

July 5 – New Hampshire State Representative, Rockingham County District 14

July 5 – New Hampshire State Representative, Rockingham County District 14



Kevin Janvrin – 436 (W)

Lou Garguilo – 318

Gary Wheaton – 16


Ryan Mahoney – 157 (W)

Mark Preston – 63

The lede to this race must be that, for the first time that I have ever heard of, a legislator has resigned his seat only to run a few months later in the special election caused by that resignation. So is the case with Gary Wheaton.

Republicans made massive gains in the New Hampshire State Legislature, shocking most people keeping track of the state’s politics and building an almost veto-proof majority in the unusually large 400 member State House and in the State Senate.

Yet the Republican caucus has been rocked with a couple of scandals and there have been a few resignations in the wake of these. One was in the case of Republican State Rep. Gary Wheaton, who resigned after being arrested for driving with a suspended license and there will be a special election primary to replace him on July 5, followed by the general election on September 6.

In a bizarre twist – for where would be the fun in politics without them, Wheaton has decided to run again for the position that he just resigned, certainly a first that I have ever read about – and not necessarily something tax-payers footing the bill for the special election will be happy with.

Already one of the candidates running in this special election has gotten into trouble with the law. Max Abramson, a Republican and member of Seabrook’s Budget Committee, is facing charges of felony reckless conduct following an altercation at his home where he allegedly discharged a firearm into the ceiling.

Other Republicans running in the race are former State Representative Lou Gargiulo, Kevin Janvrin and Dennis Sweeney.

Democrats will be hoping to capitalize on the confusion in this race. Two candidates will face primary voters in July. This includes former State Rep. Mark Preston and 2010 candidate, UNH grad Ryan Mahoney.

Libertarians also have a hopeful in the race, Seabrook Selectman Brendan Kelly who could use a split between disenchanted Republicans and the tilt of the district to his benefit.

When you make it up to Seabrook or that area of New Hampshire, I recommend the local lobster.


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