Posted by: jamesvw | June 13, 2011

August 9 – New Hampshire State Representative, Strafford County District 9

August 9 – New Hampshire State Representative, Strafford County District 9

In the second of three upcoming special elections for State Representative open seats in New Hampshire, the reason for resignation this time was foot in mouth disease. Republican Marty Harty (no, I did not make that up and you would have to lack a central nervous system not to have laughed at reading his name), a 91 year old newly elected representative resigned after creating a national uproar over comments regarding the mentally ill.

Republicans hope to hold onto the seat – in the chamber where they have a 294-103 advantage – with their standard bearer Honey Puterbaugh. An optical engineer by trade, she lives in Barrington with her family. She is also part of the objectively pretty fascinating and quite ideological Free State Project, a movement based on libertarian values encouraging like-minded citizens to move to New Hampshire.

Democrats, after a four way primary last month, have nominated Bob Perry who served as a State Representative for two terms starting in 2006. A resident of Strafford, he was a court stenographer for 30 years before being elected to the House.

The district represents the towns of Strafford, Barrington, Farmington, Middleton, New Durham, and Milton.

Farmington, NH - 1877


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