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Election 2011 – Dallas and Ft. Worth Mayoral – June 18, 2011

A Tale of Nine Cities

Early voting and polling locations here.

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Previous Race Profile

Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert will be running for the US Senate.  The primary was held on May 14th with no candidate gaining more that the 50% of the vote that would have concluded the election.  The top two voter getters meet once more on June 18th in a runoff.

Mike Rawlings promises to improve schools, strengthen the local services, and gives a no increase in taxes pledge.

David KunklePublic safety is tops for this former Dallas Police Chief and he would like to see smaller projects to boost the local economy. Economic development has to be increased to nodes of revitalization, he says, and not just a few neighborhoods.

There has not been a lot of fussin’ in this race.  Early voting is happening now.

Ft. Worth – Mayor

Previous Race Profile

Jim Lane

Betsy Price

*(From J) Sorry to intrude on M’s post – a bit more background on the Fort Worth Candidates

Though a nonpartisan race, this year it has taken on more of a split, as Democrats have largely endorsed Jim Lane while Republicans are siding with Betsy Price. Both are fairly middle of the road though ideologically so there is a fair amount of crossover. Here is an article about the rise of partisanship in the raceLane was a city councilman while Price was the county tax assessor.*

A radio debate between the candidates took place recently.  click here to hear from the candidates first hand.

Fort Worth area voters have a full plate as they go to the polls (early or on the 18th).  Sample ballots can be seen here.

Election 2011 – Ft. Worth area – June 18, 2011

City of Arlington – Council District 5 Lana Wolff Chris Hightower

City of Forest Hill – Council, Place 5 Drew Sanders Bob Shanklin

City of Forth Worth – City Council, District 7 Jon Perry Dennis Shingleton

City of Keller – Council, Place 6 Rick Mason Doug Miller

City of White Settlement – Council, Place 4 Paul Moore Gunnar Rasmussen

Keller Independent School District – adding  $0.13 for a tax rate of $1.67 per $100.00 in the KISD

Mansfield Independent School District –         Trustee, Place 6, Kenneth J. Chalk,  Danny Baas

Trustee, Place 7, Pete Shryock, Courtney Lackey Wilson

One additional note from Burleson in Johnson County.

The town as a press release from June 11 that says in part,

“The unofficial results are:

Councilmember Place 3

Matt Powell (incumbent) – 395

Jerry W. Allen – 407

Councilmember Place 6

Larry Pool – 448

Jim Bailey – 357

Powell has served on council since 2004. Allen served on council, 1998-2007. Bailey served on council 1988-2006. Chip Stephens, the Place 6 incumbent, resigned in February but is serving until his successor is sworn in. Stephens has served on council since 2004.”



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