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Election 2011: Hartford, CT Mayoral Race

Election 2011: Hartford, CT Mayoral Race

November 8, 2011

Hartford Area Blogs to keep track of the race – The Hartfordite, We The People and the Hartford Courant newspaper has a great blog, Capitol Watch

The capital of Connecticut, though the third largest city in the state, Hartford is in a strange position of growth, ranking only behind San Francisco with the highest growth rate per capita in terms of economic activity, yet still facing urban blight and increasing stratification that faces many urban centers in the Northeast.

Whomever takes over as mayor in 2011 will face these challenges head-on. It may very well be the sitting mayor, Pedro Segarra, the first Puerto Rican and openly gay mayor of the city who took the reins when his predecessor was convicted of bribery and extortion.

Facing him is Shawn Wooden, a West End attorney (Mr. Wooden dropped out and is now running for City Council) and J. Stan McCauley, a well known persona on Hartford Public Access TV who ran for Mayor as a Republican in 2007, Rev. Patrice Smith, former teacher’s union chief Edwin Vargas and the sole Republican, well known former city councilman Michael McGarry.

A shamless homage to the hockey team of my childhood



  1. Mayor Segarra is not the first Puerto Rican mayor of Hartford. Like Pedro Segarra, his predecessor, Eddie Perez, was born in Puerto Rico. He is, however, the first openly gay mayor.

    • Thanks for the correction! Duly changed. How do you see this racing shaping up so far, heading into November?

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