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Election 2011 – Georgia House District 113 – June 21, 2011

Picture of Georgia Assembly Cornerstone  The top two vote getters will runoff on July 19

Results with 99% reporting

Alan  Alexander – 623  –  (16.1%)

The Alexander campaign sent this reply after the June 21 results “Mr. Alexander does not have any post election comments at this time. It appears that with voter turnout so low, the voters do not seem to be concerned about the 113 district.”

Sarah Bell  – 719  –  (18.3%)

Dan Matthews  – 1,048  –  (26.7%)

Dan Matthews sent this reply after the election on June 21 “I am deeply humbled and energized by the support I received yesterday in the 113th House District Special Election, and obviously we need to hit the ground running this morning to get all the voters to turn back out July 19th for the Run Off.  It is time to point out the differences between the candidacies of myself and Mr. Williams without resorting to mudslinging.”

Charles Williams  – 1,521  –  (38.8%)

Election 2011 – Georgia House District 113 – June 21, 2011

Results will be posted at

The current Republican seat holder has resigned to take a position with the University of Georgia which sets up an election on June 21, 2011. If needed, a runoff will take place on July 19, 2011.  Republicans hold 116 seats while the Democrats hold 63 in the Georgia House. Georgia has faced a downturn in revenue from 21 billion to 18 billion.

The fighting 113 includes Oconee, southern Clarke, northern Morgan and western Oglethorpe counties.

Candidates: It is a non-partisan special election but Georgia lists party affiliation if it is known.

Republican Candidates

Alan McFarland Alexander, Jr. says that he would like to see more education and police paid better.  He is against raising taxes and feels that “fluff” in the budget combined with getting those who avoid paying taxes will cover the gap created by the decrease in revenue from a lower sales tax.  Elder abuse is another issue that needs to be addressed better. Tougher punishment is needed for the elderly abused in care.

On entering the race Alexander said, “I am excited to officially be in the race for the State House. I’ve served our country in the US Army. I’ve served our community through youth league sports. I’ve built a business here and am raising my family here. Now I want to serve our families in the State House. We need a leader we can trust to fight for our families, respect our tax dollars and protect our schools. That’s why I’m running.”

Sarah Virginia Bell decided to run for this race and withdrew from the county commission race she was in.  She said she would go back to that race if this does not work out.  On the subject of the recently passed immigration bill in Georgia, she has not read it, but does not want to pay for immigrants working here, for their health care, education, etc.  If the federal government is not going to address immigration, she says, then Georgia should look towards the example of Arizona.  The budget has areas that can be cut.  Though she said she has not read the budget, she believes that more cuts are possible.  Bell said there is “always waste and fraud” in any state budget.  As an example of the State overreaching to fund things, she gave the example of County funding parks and recreation while the service is free to visitors. She is also in favor of a flat tax.

Charles Edward Williams at 21 was elected to city council in Watkins Mill.  He would like to be a team player to address the revenue downturn and being a former banker, he believes that will be a base of knowledge that can help in the current situation.  He will have to learn as a freshman, but has some relationship with the state government hearkening back to his work at a bank that went into receivership and had to negotiate with government officials. He would like to support teachers and properly fund education in the budget process.

Democratic Candidate

Dan Matthews  is known in the community and wants to save the parks and recreations from the proposed budget cuts others have mentioned. He says the Elder Mill covered bridge should be a park and several opportunities have been missed in this process, such as the failure to buy the house next door.  A park formatted like Watkinsville would also be a benefit. Additionally he says that the horse and agriculture sectors need support, a train should connect Bogart to Atlanta and a renewed focus on the Jennings Mill Parkway which leads to businesses and will be a benefit  that will bring jobs.

In reply to our request for comment Matthews stated, “I want to preserve our history for our children’s children to appreciate. I will not raise your taxes except in the case of a dire emergency like what has happened recently to Joplin or Tuscaloosa.

I want to represent the 113th House District because I know I can do a better job bringing community solutions to complex problems. I want to bring jobs to the 113th. All options and expenditures are on the table for consideration.  I am not beholden to special interests and will not waste time or taxpayers’ money attempting radical solutions that will ruin Georgia’s economic support. I will keep Oconee and Clarke counties whole in the forthcoming reapportionment. Nobody except the head of the Board of Elections seems to know where the 113th begins and ends in the the counties already gerrymandered. We need to use the pre-existing geographic and political boundaries to make the districts, and not slice up communities of interest like a pie.”

Candidate Forums

Thursday,  June 16 at 6pm at North Oconee High School.

Lee Becker and Russ Page are said to be setting up a forum as well

(information from Tim Bryant show)


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