Posted by: mattvote | June 7, 2011

Election 2011 – Denver June 7, 2011

Local elections in Denver were counted June 7th. The Auditor race is unopposed. On tap,  new Mayor, Clerk and Recorder, and three City Council seats (districts 1,5,and8).  This was an election with ballots being sent to voters and mailed or turned in.  Literally, one time when you could mail it in.

Final results according to


Denver political boraders for City Council

Mayor – total vote 121,862  (40.87% of the 300,053 sent out)

Chris Romer      51,082 (41.92% of total vote)

Michael Hancock 70,780 (58.08% of total vote)

A lot has been said about the tone of the race.  Romer has also self funded.  Hancock was 10 point up in the polls last week.

Clerk and Recorder – total vote 97,800 (32.59% of ballots sent)

Debra Johnson – 49,882 (51.00%)

Sarah McCarthy -47,918 (49.00%)

Johnson has experience as a clerk. McCarthy has a political background that has helped with organizing for the campaign.

Update June 8:

Sarah McCarthy, in acknowledging the results of Tuesday’s election, offered her congratulations to Debra Johnson on her election as Denver Clerk & Recorder.  “I wish Debra every success as she assumes the responsibilities of this office, and will assist her in any way that I can to ensure that the high caliber of service from the Clerk’s office remains available to Denver residents and businesses.” Ms McCarthy noted that running for elective office race was a very rewarding and energizing experience.   “It has been a pleasure seeing many old friends and meeting so many Denver residents.  Feedback about my candidacy was overwhelmingly positive, and I am satisfied with our campaign.  I thank Debra Johnson for her part in a respectful, issues-based race.”

District 1

Susan Shepherd – 5,407 (52.67%)

Ken Padilla -4,859 (47.33%)

Shepherd is political known from her last run.  Padilla has taken some union support from her.  Good race.

District 5

Steve Saunders – 7,032 (49.40%)

Mary Beth Susman – 7,202 (50.60%)

Susman is a strong candidate. Saunders is a former TV newscaster.  Development issues were front and center.  Traffic at Quebec (Saunders:
make it one way paired with Syracuse the other way Susman: a tunnel project) , developers wanting to replan  9th and Colorado, Vista, and Lowery among others were focused on.

June 8 Update:

Mary Beth Susman says she want  to thank all of her supporters and everyone in the district.  She is extremely excited to represent District 5 on the City Council.

District 8

Wil Alston – 4,428 (40.26%)

Albus Brooks -6,571 (59.74%)

The issue of collective bargaining has been mentioned as key to this one.  Brooks has been doing the grassroots front line work.  Alston has a
very good reputation on policy.

Auditor Dave Gallagher  – Unopposed.


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