Posted by: jamesvw | May 17, 2011

Election Results from Kentucky Primary

Election Results from Kentucky Primary

Results are not fully in at this hour but so far: (full results here)

David Williams has won the Republican Primary for governor, defeating two other Republican candidates. The State Senate president will face incumbent Democrat Steve Beshear in November.

48% – Williams

38% – Phil Moffett

14% – Bobbie Holsclaw

Agriculture Commissioner – Richie  Robert Farmer (thanks for the correction) has defeated four Democratic rivals to take the nomination. He will face James Comer who has also won the Republican nomination tonight.

Secretary of State – Maybe the surprise of the night is that incumbent Democrat Elaine Walker appears to have been defeated by Democratic challenger Allison Grimes, who took 55% of the vote. The Republican race is still too close to call with Bill Johnson leading Hilda Legg by only 1,000 votes with almost all precincts reporting.

In the Treasurer and Auditor races, incumbent Treasurer Todd Hollenbach has beaten back a primary challenge easily, while Republicans have nominated in the latter race John Kemper.



  1. How about an overview of the recent Indian elections, yaar?

    • Well, random citizen from Tarrant County, Texas – it was quite an intriguing season of state elections. 4 states held their election and it was enjoyable to be in a place where over 80% of the eligible voters participated. Now thats good turnout.

      The most interesting result was in West Bengal where the Left Front, a wing of the Indian Communist Party, lost its hold on the state for the first time since the early 70s. Mamata Banerjee, a fascinating high energy short stature figure will become the new Chief Minister (governor-like position in India)

      Overall, it was a good day for the Congress party, with allies in West Bengal and Assam winning, taking its own victory in Kerala (albeit quite narrowly) and limiting BJP growth in most places. The only setback was in Tamil Nadu, where voters had the unfortunate choice between a Chief Minister who was implicated in a recent corruption scandal and a former Chief Minister who has been indicted previously on corruption charges. They chose the latter.

  2. I know it’s confusing, but you’ve got your Farmers confused. RICHIE Farmer is the OUTGOING Kentucky Ag Commissioner, who just won the Republican primary for lieutenant governor. He is a former basketball standout for the University of Kentucky and is from Manchester in Clay County. The Democrat who beat four challengers for the Democratic nomination for Kentucky Ag Commissioner (to succeed Richie) is named ROBERT Farmer, and is a marketing executive from Louisville.

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