Posted by: jamesvw | May 9, 2010



Thank you all for reading and checking back to this site throughout the past few months. Unfortunately, I have found that having the rigor of a full time job as well as my upcoming transcontinental move does not afford me with enough time to keep up with the electoral news I have wanted to. For this reason, I am taking a hiatus for the foreseeable future. All information about voting and tracking political donations will kept online – but no further updates will be written any time soon.

I owe a debt of gratitude to my readers and especially to the politicians running for office who took the time to fill out a Q+A for the site. It was the start to a great project and I just wish I had the time and the resources to continue the series and offer my site as a platform to reach more readers.

Last, but not least, I urge you all to continue to follow politics, get involved in local races, run for office, volunteer for a campaign and always always always learn about all the candidates and vote.





  1. This is a valuable resource and if you are not able to keep it up it is a great loss.
    I am trying to do a much less intensive and Democratic version on facebook at a fan page called Election Central! and would invite any one here to join in if they are interested.

  2. I followed this site with great interest, found it a good resource. Good luck with your transcontinental adventures, and hope to find you again after your hiatus.

  3. Sorry to hear about losing such a unique and valuable resource, but best of luck in your future pursuits. Thanks so much for making a difference.

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