Posted by: jamesvw | April 26, 2010

May 11 – Georgia State Senate District 42 and 49 and House District 12

May 11 – Georgia State Senate District 42, 49 and House District 12

Georgia legislators seem like they don’t like sticking around and so there will yet again be a day of special elections in the state. This time around, two State Senate seats and one House seat will be up for election. As always, all candidates will appear on the ballot together and if no one crosses the 50% threshold, a runoff will occur.

The 42nd District opened up after Democratic State Senator David Adelman was named Ambassador to Singapore – not the normal reasons why special elections occur, but a fascinating reason nonetheless. Two Democrats, an Independent and a Libertarian are running to replace him in this Decatur area race.

The famous name – and the reason why the race is high on the radar – is that one of the Democrats is Jason Carter, the grandson of former governor and President Jimmy Carter. References to the former President are few and far between on the young candidate’s website – especially since the district has a high Jewish population, many of whom have not agreed with President Carter’s stand on Israel. To learn more, click here.

Carter’s main competition is Tom Stubbs, a Decatur lawyer and president of the DeKalb Bar Association. Having worked in the US Senate while attending law school in DC, Stubbs returned home to Decatur to start a successful legal practice. To learn more, click here.

Also running are Steve Patrick, an Independent and a real-estate executive and David Montane, a Libertarian.

49th Senate District

In the 49th District, Republican State Senator Lee Hawkins is running for the open 9th Congressional seat and so has resigned his legislative one. Two Republicans and one Libertarian are running for his seat, which is located around Gainesville. Interestingly, the two Republicans, Butch Miller and Jimmy Norman, are both from Flowery Branch, a suburb of only 4,000 people while the Libertarian, Brandon Givens, is from Gainesville, a city of 35,000.

Butch Miller is a member of the Hall County Chamber of Congress and has an automobile business while Jimmy Norman is a real-estate broker. Brandon Givens is a special-ed public school teacher.

House District 12

Another opening due to the Congressional race in Georgia, this district became vacant when Republican Tom Graves took the plunge in the hopes of becoming a Congressman. Two Republicans and one Democrat are vying to succeed him in a district that covers all of Pickens County and some of Gordon and Bartow counties. Republicans Rick Jasperse and Truett Moss II along with Democrat Jerry Nally will share the ballot.

Rick Jasperse was a longtime county extension agent in the area who recently retired and lives on his farm with his family in Jasper. Truett Moss is a small businessman- owning a toilet business – and Democrat Jerry Nally, an electrician from Rydal.

Emory University is part of State Senate District 42


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