Posted by: jamesvw | April 26, 2010

Election 2010 – New Mexico Governor

Election 2010 – Governor of New Mexico

Click here to learn about registering to vote and requesting absentee ballots in NM

It’s been a while since we’ve turned our sights to upcoming 2010 primaries – but a whole bunch will hold theirs soon in May and there are some really interesting races swirling around. One that has flew largely under the radar is the open seat for Governor of New Mexico.

Current Democratic incumbent Bill Richardson, who fell from strong Presidential candidate and potential Obama cabinet secretary to being largely unpopular in the wake of a pay-to-play scandal, is unable to run due to term limits.

New Mexico is a fascinating state politically as well – swinging from blue to red and back again over the past three presidential elections. The Hispanic population is growing, already estimated at 44% of the state, and as immigration becomes a larger political issue this year, it may serve the Democrats well for holding this seat.

The primary for this race will be held on June 1 – and all eyes will be on the Republican Party. That is because Democrats have rallied around Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish. Born in Hobbs, a small town in the southeastern part of the state, she chaired the state party before being elected to the Lieutenant Governor position in 2002. To learn more about her campaign, click here.

5 Republicans are vying to face Denish. In a pre-primary convention, the candidate who came out on top was Susana Martinez, a District Attorney in Dona Ana County. Originally elected to the position in 1996, she has wide appeal across party lines and has worked extensively on border security issues. To learn more, click here.

The most recognizable name in the race is Peter Dominici Jr., the son of the former US Senator from New Mexico. Leading in the polls largely due to name recognition, Dominici is a lawyer in Albuquerque specializing in environmental issues. A novice to elected politics, he will nonetheless inherit a great deal of help from his father’s political experience. To learn more, click here.

Allen Weh once chaired the GOP in New Mexico and now he hopes to be the standard bearer for the party in the gubernatorial race. The CEO of an air charter company and a Vietnam veteran who reached the rank of Colonel, he served most recently in Iraq as a military adviser in the training of the new Iraqi army. To learn more, click here.

Janice Arnold-Jones is a State Representative from the 24th district in the suburbs of Albuquerque and is also employed by an energy technology consulting firm. To learn more about her campaign, click here.

Doug Turner hopes that his outsider credentials are strong enough to propel him through this tough primary field. A young entrepreneur who runs his own public relations firm, Turner worked for Governor Gary Johnson and chaired the Albuquerque Development Commission. To learn more, click here.


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