Posted by: jamesvw | April 25, 2010

May 8 – Texas State Senate District 22

May 8 – Texas State Senate District 22

In an odd twist in this central Texas district, the incumbent Republican State Senator, Kip Averitt won reelection in March despite declaring that he did not want to serve any longer. Since he dropped out after the filing deadline, his name still appeared on the primary ballot and, in winning the nomination without any Democratic opposition, he was reelected despite his desire not to be.

Therefore, there will be a special election necessitated from his resignation. The district, centered around Waco, is strongly Republican in its past voting trends – ever since a Democratic incumbent was unseated in 1992 – and three of the four candidates hail from that party.

If any candidate gets over 50%, they will serve out the rest of the year and run for reelection in November. If no one crosses that threshold, there will be a runoff.

Republicans include Darren Yancy who ran against Averitt and lost in the primary this past March. From Burleson, he is an insurance businessman and owns a ranch in the town. To learn more, click here.

Joining him in the primary is David Sibley, the predecessor to Averitt in the Senate and a former mayor of Waco. In anticipation of his run, he deregistered as a lobbyist and has the backing of much of the Republican party insiders. To learn more, click here.

Also running is Brian Birdwell, a retired military officer and resident of Granbury. A retired Lieutenant Colonel, he was inside the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 and started a non-profit organizations aiding burn victims shortly after his harrowing experience. He is also endorsed by the Young Conservatives of Texas. To learn more, click here.

Democrats have rallied around Gayle Avant, a Baylor professor of Political Science from Waco. A Constitutional scholar and a self-proclaimed Jeffersonian Democrat, Avant hopes to shock the political system with an upset win in this district. To learn more, click here.



  1. Texas secretary of state says:
    State Senator, District 22 – Unexpired Term
    Gayle R. Avant DEM 1,412 11.38% 3,968 13.29%
    Brian Birdwell REP 4,327 34.87% 10,889 36.49%
    David Sibley REP 5,946 47.92% 13,420 44.97%
    Darren Yancy REP 722 5.81% 1,559 5.22%
    ———– ———–
    Race Total 12,407 29,836
    Precincts Reported 292 of 292 Precincts 100.00%

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