Posted by: jamesvw | April 7, 2010

May 11 – Georgia’s 9th Congressional District

May 11 – Georgia’s 9th Congressional District

Representative Nathan Deal listed one main reason that he resigned his position as Representative of the 9th District of Georgia: He is a candidate for governor of the state and wanted to focus on his campaign. However, he also resigned just hours before the House Ethics Committee was set to rule whether he improperly used his office to financially benefit his family-owned auto salvage company. The Office of Congressional Ethics also found that Deal made more than $75,000 through these dealings.

Regardless of the reason for his resignation, this means that the 9th District of Georgia will host a special election on May 11. As with many states in the South, Georgia has rules allowing for all candidates to run in one race, without an initial primary, and the top two finishers, regardless of party and unless one candidate has over 50% of the vote, go to a runoff.

This district is heavily Republican and so it is almost assured that the eventual winner will come from that party. Six Republicans, one Democrat and one Independent have filed for the race. They include:


Chris Cates, a well-known cardiologist and medical academic.

Tom Graves, a State Representative who served Gordon, Pickens and Bartow counties for seven and a half years.

Lee Hawkins, a State Senator from Gainesville and the former President of the Georgia Dental Association.

Bert Loftman, a retired neurosurgeon and an anti-tax activist.

Bill Stephens, former State Senate Majority Leader and currently Vice President of Southern Highlands Mortgage

Steve Tarvin, CEO of Crystal Springs Print Works, a textile mill in Chickamauga and a City Councilor in the same city.


Mike Freeman, an ordained minister and Captain in the US Navy Reserve, serving as chaplain.


Eugene Moon, a manager for Lincoln Electric, a local hardware supplier and a conservative activist.

Thoughts on the candidates??


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