Posted by: jamesvw | March 29, 2010

April 13 – Florida State House District 4

April 13 – Florida State House District 4

After an extremely expensive Republican primary to fill the seat formerly held by Republican Ray Sansom who resigned amidst corruption allegations, Matt Gaetz is turning his focus to the general election and his Democratic challenger, Jan Fernald. Gaetz, the son of State Senator Don Gaetz spent over $300,000 to defeat candidates with more elected experience and made few friends with his Republican rivals, some of whom are looking to challenge him in the regularly scheduled election this fall.

The Republican majority in the legislature has little to fear from this race as the party holds a 75-44 advantage with this one vacancy.

Before he has to worry about that general election, he must win this special one. Though the district is traditionally conservative, Democrats hope they have a fitting candidate in Fernald, a US Air Force veteran and defense industry employee. To learn more about her and her campaign, click here.

Matt Gaetz is a Fort Walton Beach attorney who was endorsed by former Florida governor Jeb Bush in the primary and clearly has the establishment backing in the district. To learn more about his campaign, click here.



  1. Voter turnout was low here in Santa Rosa County. This wasn’t helped by the fact that a great many voters in S. Santa Rosa County went to the Annex to vote and were told that they were ‘not on the list’ and that their appointed place to vote was elsewhere. I have voted at the Annex for the past 5 years ( including Presidential election) but was also turned away and was told that this was the place only for early voting and that I must go elsewhere if my vote was to be counted. My home is probably less than .4 of a mile from the Annex. It is literally within short walking distance !

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