Posted by: jamesvw | March 23, 2010

Results for March 23 Elections

Results for March 23 Elections

Voters are choosing a Republican nominee in Florida’s 4th State House district and a new City Councilor in Brooklyn, New York City.

10:26 – And a victory for Republican Matt Gaetz in his primary for the 4th House District of Florida. Out of  the 15,935 registered voters, only 1,857 turned out to cast their ballot. Gaetz won 63 percent of the vote, Craig Barker had 23 percent; Bill Garvie had 3 percent; Jerry Melvin had 4 percent; and Kabe Woods had 7 percent.

Congrats to Mr. Gaetz and his staff

10:18 – A victory for David Greenfield in Brooklyn – with a comfortable 57.83%. The other Democrat, Joseph Lazar has 39.61% and the Republican, Kenneth Rice, has 2.56%. Congrats to Mr. Greenfield and his staff!

9;42 – Early results in Brooklyn, 52% for Greenfield and 46% for Lazar but with only 3% reporting

9:40 – Results are slow in coming in in Florida, but with a few results in, it is looking good for attorney Matt Gaetz. He leads with 55.6% of the vote while Destin mayor Craig Barker trails with 25.2%.


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