Posted by: jamesvw | March 21, 2010

Election Results from Guam

Election Results from Guam

In the highly unusual electoral process that the US territory of Guam uses to elect its State Senators, Republican Tony Ada has picked up a seat from Democrats and will become the 6th Republican vote in a chamber of 15 members.

Democrat Matt Rector had resigned the seat after an undisclosed burglary conviction came to light. There was no primary so many candidates ran against each other and the son of a powerful politician on the island won the race in convincing fashion.

Tony Ada (R) 3,358
Sarah Thomas-Nededog (D) 1,503
William Sarmiento (R) 749
Martin C. Benavente (D) 704
Roque Aguon (D) 688
Art De Oro (D) 535

Turnout was a tiny 16%.



  1. Hafa adai from Guam!

    I saw a map of Guam attached to one of your articles. Where can i buy this map?

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