Posted by: jamesvw | March 4, 2010

March 9 – Mississippi State Senate District 36

March 9 – Mississippi State Senate District 36

After the initial free-for-all vote in this rural Mississippi State Senate District, two candidates emerged. Democrat Albert Butler is the favorite in this traditionally Democratic seat and he hopes, without a website or very much campaign infrastructure that the tilt of the district will deliver it into his hands. Jimmy Strong is the Republican nominee and has a website here. He owns and operates a cattle and timber farm in the north of Copiah County, which comprises this State Senate district.

Democrats are defending the seat and hold a precarious 26-25 advantage in the chamber with this one vacancy.

Not too far from Jackson, Mississippi, Copiah County is largely rural with a population of only 29,000 people. It is known for producing tomatoes (it holds a Tomato Festival every year and yes, a Tomato Queen is crowned at this event). The area is racially split as well, 51% African American and 48% White, and is relatively poor with a median household income of $26,358.

A view of the Copiah County Courthouse in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. Designed by J. Riely Gordon and completed in 1903, the Classical Revival structure is part of the Hazlehurst Historic District, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In the foreground is a memorial to Confederate veterans, dedicated in 1917.



  1. Senate District 36 Runoff Certification and Totals

    Jackson—Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann certified the totals of the Special Election Runoff for Senate District 36 today (Friday, March 12, 2010).

    “Albert Butler was found to have the largest number of certified votes and is duly elected,” says Secretary Hosemann.

    The certified totals by county for the Senate District 36 Runoff are as follows:

    Claiborne County Total Percentage

    Albert Butler 1606 86.4%

    Jimmy D. Strong 252 13.6%

    Copiah County Total Percentage

    Albert Butler 1470 47.6%

    Jimmy D. Strong 1619 52.4%

    Hinds County Total Percentage

    Albert Butler 207 28.8%

    Jimmy D. Strong 513 71.3%

    Jefferson Total Percentage

    Albert Butler 891 83.0%

    Jimmy D. Strong 183 17.0%

    District 36 Totals Total Percentage

    Albert Butler 4174 61.9%

    Jimmy D. Strong 2567 38.1%


  2. I would like to help in the 2010 elections, however I do not know how to do this, who to contact, etc: I would like to see this country run the way it should be, by Americans and for Americans.

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