Posted by: jamesvw | March 3, 2010

Election Results the Day After

March 2 Election Results – The Day After

I have internet again in my house and that means I can update results from yesterday’s primary in Texas as well as two special elections. Not a super exciting primary as the Gubernatorial race failed to live up to hype and all incumbent Members of Congress survived their primaries.


Republican – Perry avoids a runoff and wins outright. Now the big question is whether Hutchison will resign her Senate seat as promised
Rick Perry (inc) – 51.1% (758,222)
Kay Bailey Hutchison – 30.3% (450,196)
Debra Medina – 18.6% (275,693)

Bill White – 76.0% (516,621)
Farouk Shami – 12.8% (87,268)

Lieutenant Governor

Linda Chavez-Thompson – 314,725 (53%)
Ronnie Earle – 205,057 (35%)
Marc Katz – 72,367 (12%)

Agriculture Commissioner

Democratic – Perhaps this will be the end of Kinky Friedman’s foray into Democratic politics

Hank Gilbert – 310,762 (52%)
Kinky Friedman – 283,249 (48%)

Railroad Commissioner – In the one major loss for an incumbent, Republicans unseated their only Hispanic statewide officeholder


David Porter – 732,892 (61%)
Victor Carrillo – 474,096 (39%)

Runoffs will be held in the Republican primary for the 3rd spot on the Supreme Court, the 10th District for the Board of Education, the Democratic primary in TX-14 to face Ron Paul, the Republican primary in TX-15, 17, 20, 27 and 30.


In the two other races, each party held a heavily contested seat, Democrats in Virginia and Republicans in Connecticut.

Virginia 41

Eileen Filler-Corn (D) – 5,758 (50.13%)
Kerry Bolognese (R) – 5,721 (49.80%)

Turnout was a robust 23.91%

Connecticut 120

Lauren Hoydick (R) – 1,950 (58.38%)
Janice Andersen (D) – 1,390 (41.26%)

Turnout was also relatively good at 22.9%


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