Posted by: jamesvw | February 25, 2010

A Tie in Sealy, Texas

A Tie in Sealy, Texas

The meaning of this blog’s moniker, All Politics is Local, really shines when looking at small local elections. The importance that each voter can have – just by paying attention, learning about candidates, informing friends and family and casting their vote – is incredible.

In Sealy, Texas, a town near Houston, the proof is in the tie vote cast for a city council seat. Both Wyn McCready and Mark Stolarski garnered 168 votes. There will be a recount soon. In a town of over 5,000 people, only 336 vote for these two candidates. Any additional person could have tipped the scale for their preferred candidate – not to mention that with so many people failing to vote, the true democratic will of the people cannot be truly known.

Moral of the story – don’t settle for what is going on in your town, in your city, in your state and in your country. Go out and get involved.


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