Posted by: jamesvw | February 18, 2010

March 2 – Connecticut State House District 120

March 2 – Connecticut State House District 120

After Republican legislator John Harkins was elected Mayor of Stratford, a city of 50,000, his seat in the Connecticut legislature has opened up. The 120th district, which is comprised of most of the city, has had the same representative since 1996, but this special election will guarantee a change. There will not be much change in the composition of the Connecticut House of Representatives however. Democrats control that chamber 114-36 with this one vacancy.

Laura Hoydick is the Republican nominee, seeking to hold the seat for her party. A lifetime resident of Stratford and a property manager by profession, she served as Executive Director of the Stratford Chamber of Commerce for 5 years and on the town Board of Education for 7. To learn more about her campaign, click here.

The Democratic opponent seeking to flip the seat is Janice Andersen. Also a former member of the town Board of Education, she currently serves on the State Advisory Council to the Department of Children and Families, appointed there by Republican governor Jodi Rell. She has also worked for RYASAP, a local community-building non-profit for the past 19 years. To learn more, click here.



  1. CT State House120 Republican seat
    Dem candidate Janice Andersen
    Rep candidate Laura Hoydick
    RESULTS 23% turnout, republican retain seat 1950 (58%) to 1390 (42%)

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