Posted by: jamesvw | February 16, 2010

February 16 Election Results

Feb. 16 Election Results

Republicans can be happy after holding onto a Manchester area State Senate seat in New Hampshire and picked up a State House seat in Alabama. I cannot for the life of me find the results in the Mississippi State Senate race.

New Hampshire State Senate 16 (Republican Incumbent)

David Boutin (R) – 3,770
Jeff Goley (D) – 2,682

Alabama State House 40 (Democratic Incumbent)

K.L. Brown (R) – 3,422
Ricky Whaley (D) – 2,575
Carol Hagan (I) – 156

Mississippi State Senate 36 (Democratic Incumbent)

(Thanks to Brett over at MajorityinMS for the results in this race – A runoff will be needed as no candidate received 50% +1)

Albert Butler – 1,810
Jimmy Strong – 1,622

Though no parties are listed on the ballot, Albert Butler is a Democrat and Jimmy Strong is a Republican.

I have no idea what the vote totals for other candidates were – Mississippi needs a much more informative Secretary of State website



  1. The local paper in Anniston Alabama is reporting the following in the AL House D20 seat:

    Candidate Votes Percent
    K.L. Brown (R) 3,422 55.6%
    Ricky Whaley (D) 2,575 41.9%
    Carol Hagan (ind.) 156 2.5%
    23 of 24 boxes reporting

    • Thanks, Matt! You are the quickest to the draw around here

    Lancaster School, Board of Trustees District 2 (of 7)
    to fill the seat held by Charlene McGriff who went to Council
    Tyrom Faulkner 377 96%
    Terrence Jenkins 14 4%

  3. Great site guys. I have a MS blog- and was able to find some info. that I think is good for the SD36 special election we had here.

    I’m seeing Albert Butler and Jimmy Strong are headed to a runoff. All special elections are non-partisan but I had read that Strong is a R and everyone else in the field was a D. This is a very strong Democratic district (something like 66% black), so I imagine some of the Democratic vote was among the 6 Democrats. But like I said, no party ID on the ballot.


    I said I think its good because one county hadn’t reported at the time of the story, but like you said there is VERY little info on this seat. Very rural seat, no major papers in their area.

    • Another update. It is official per the AP- Butler and Strong in the non-partisan runoff.

  4. Copiah County Courier reported
    “…Unofficial totals showed Albert Butler of Port Gibson with a slight lead over Jimmy D. Strong of Carpenter at 1687 to 1501. As of 9 p.m., 100% of the Claiborne and Copiah precincts had reported, while 80% of Jefferson and 0% of Hinds had done so.

    Strong carried Copiah County with 973 votes. In second was Ken Dale Sullivan with 776, followed by Jazma Wheeler with 495, Butler with 379, Kenneth Ramsey with 245 and Elvis Colenberg, Sr. with 163. A total of 58 affidavit ballots and 6 emergency ballots were left to be counted.

    If the trends remain, Butler will face off against Strong in the March 3 runoff election….”

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