Posted by: jamesvw | February 15, 2010

Update and Voting Early in Texas

Update and Voting Early in Texas

Learn all about the races in Texas and elsewhere here

Early voting starts tomorrow, February 16, in Texas and will extend until February 26. To learn where to vote early in Texas, click here.

There have been a flurry of polls in the heated Texas gubernatorial race. Once vaunted challenger, US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, has fallen off the pace and current Governor Rick Perry looks like he will survive this primary on March 2. Debra Medina, a favorite of supporters of Ron Paul and the Tea Party movement, also has been polling very well – though recently, her comments in an interview with Glenn Beck that seemingly supported the “truther” conspiracy theories about 9-11 may hurt her in the race.

The Houston Chronicle recently endorsed Hutchison but it remains to be seen if she can come back in the race. An Austin American-Statesmen poll has Perry at 45% to Hutchison at 29% and Medina at 17%.

In the Democratic primary, it looks like Bill White has the nomination wrapped up. Despite a testy debate with his main opponent, Farouk Shami and the heavy spending by the latter candidate, the same poll shows White up 49% to 19%.

In the State Agriculture Commissioner race, Democrats are quite evenly matched. Kinky Friedman is leading Hank Gilbert 32% to 27% in a University of Texas poll.

Learn all about the races in Texas and elsewhere here


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