Posted by: jamesvw | February 10, 2010

Election Results in New York

Election Results in New York

Republicans score one sure pickup, narrowly leading for another

In 4 quiet races, voters chose new Assembly members for their districts. In somewhat of a surprise, Republicans are celebrating after picking up one seat in White Plains and holding a narrow lead in another formerly Democratic seat on Long Island. They also held onto another in Long Island while Democrats kept a seat in Queens.

This may be a sign of trouble for New York Democrats in the fall. The incredibly low approval ratings for Governor David Paterson (D) have party leaders worried and looking for him to step aside and let Attorney General Andrew Cuomo head the ticket in November.

District 3 (D Incumbent)

Dean Murray (R) – 4,186
Lauren Thoden (D) – 4,000

Over 900 absentee ballots have yet to be counted so this race has not been officially called yet

Turnout – 10.59%

District 15 (R Incumbent)

Michael Montesano (R) – 3,868
Matthew Meng (D) – 1,539

District 24 (D Incumbent)

David Weprin (D) – 4,283 (61.93%)
Bob Friedrich (R) – 2,633 (38.07%)

District 89 (D Incumbent)

Robert Castelli (R) – 6,732 (55%)
Peter Harckham (D) – 5,430 (45%)


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